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Published: 02 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Please do NOT be fooled by what seems to be good customer service in the beginning. I soon found out that is very short lived once the paperwork is signed and all the facts start to slowly emerge. Their cars are luxury high end models that are extremely expensive to repair out of warranty. They will underplay the existing problems and will lie to you. They do not honor their word or stand behind their vehicles once the paperwork is signed. LIE 1: I was informed by Karl that the burning oil smell was because the vehicle just had a valve gasket replaced and the burning smell was from spilled oil on the engine block that would go away after driving it for a day. I had it inspected and just as I thought it was a lie. I was informed by a reputable factory dealership that the valve gasket oil had never been replaced and in fact it had a very serious oil leak that would cost thousands to repair. After discovering that their $10,000 car required $7000 in immediate repairs I took it back to them and traded it for another one. (my mistake!) Lie 2: I told Karl the driver side power mirror doesn’t fold in like the passenger one did on the 2004 Mercedes I was now purchasing from him. He said it is just frozen don’t worry about it. It was 50 degrees outside so it wasn’t frozen and I later found out that the motor was bad and would cost over $400 to repair. LIE 3: I was informed that the vehicle I purchased came with 2 remote entry key fobs. After I finalized the paperwork I asked Karl for the spare key. He went to go look for it and came back and said it was in one of their other locations and he would have it for me by Monday. (This is a $500 Mercedes Keyless go key FOB that can only be replaced by a Mercedes dealership.) Karl quickly stopped responding to my calls and emails regarding retrieving this key. LIE 4: After a few trips to the dealership and several messages later, Karl finally called me a week later and said that he found the key and I could come by and pick it up. I drove over an hour to pick it up. He handed me some random similar Mercedes key fob and told me to go see if any of them worked? Of course none of them worked on my vehicle! LIE 5: I was then told to take one of the similar key fobs to the Mercedes dealership to have them reprogram it. I did and they laughed and said it doesn’t work that way and I could only get a spare keyless go fob based on my VIN from the Merecedes factory and would cost me $500. I came back to Karl with the written estimate for replacement and expressed how frustrated I was about all of this hassle to just get the spare key that was promised to me. Karl advised me that he could not pay to replace the key that they lost since he couldn’t put anymore money into this deal. Even though the Kelly Blue Book value of the 2004 Mercedes S430 was $10,500 and they charged me $13,500. I even offered to pay for half of the cost even though it was not my fault. Karl showed me ripped key tag and informed me that they lost it but don’t worry it might show up someday and they will call me if it ever re-appears magically. There are many other lies I can go into but the Bottom line is don’t be fooled by their exotic cars in the showroom and good customer service in the beginning because underneath all the glam they are still used car salesmen and they made it clear that they can not be trusted and their vehicles have many hidden issues. You are better off paying a little more and finding a larger reputable dealership. If you still insist on doing business with them do yourself a favor and pay a to have a factory dealership inspect the car BEFORE you purchase it! It will save you thousands of dollars and hours of aggravation of buying one of their lemons. I will be pursuing this with the BBB also. Shame on them for taking advantage of hard working customers and not honoring their word.

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