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Published: 25 September 2019

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Almost two years ago, in April, I bought a Mazda 3 from National Auto Plaza in Murray, UT on State Street. I had no problems with that car. In October of that year, they sent me a notice they wanted to buy it back and put me into something better. Unfortunately I took them up on that and bought a 2005 BMW SUV. Turns out I have spent $7,000 to fix things that should have been fixed before this vehicle should have been sold. They told me the reason I didn’t get windshield fluid that first winter was because it was frozen. No, the pump for the windshield fluid and another part that cost almost $1,000 didn’t work and had to be replaced; then I kept having problems with the battery draining. It turns out 2 parts that are hooked into the electrical system were completely corroded and cost me $1,534.00 to replace. Even after that I still had problems with the battery constantly being drained and no one, not even BMW of Murray mechanics could figure it out. I finally found a mechanic that figured out why the battery was being drained; he tore out the headliner and dashboard to find 7 broken wires along with the Bluetooth system that was constantly on contributing to the drain. This cost me almost $2,000 and now it turns out I need a new head gasket and one other part that cost me $3,534.12 to fix. National Auto Plaza claims their vehicles go through 120 point inspection with certified mechanics. Inspection for what???? Lemon laws only apply to new vehicles and there is no recourse for deceptive practices in selling vehicles that have been crashed. I have the Carfax and all it shows is that this vehicle has been sold at 3 auctions but no claims of anything being damaged/wrong with it, which I do not believe. I just recently found out that NAP really can’t certify a BMW or any vehicle as they are not a “BMW Dealer”. There is no recourse I have. Once I found out about the two parts that cost me $1,539.00, I called National Auto Plaza to ask if they would work with me to get this paid for and I was told, “Nope”! In my opinion, this is completely outrageous behavior and a totally unethical practice. No one should have to go through such outrageous deceptive acts from any company. It is very wrong that they can get away with selling defective vehicles to unsuspecting people and get away with it. I work hard, have no problem with paying for things that I should and pay my bills, but to have to deal with this problem is totally unconscionable. There are lemon laws but they only apply to new vehicles. There is no recourse to deal with deceptive practices from unscrupulous car dealers. It is disgusting and incomprehensible that they can get away with this. I received an email from one of their people saying I should come to National Auto Plaza for 15 month check-up. I informed him I wanted them to remove my email address and never contact me again. He asked why and I told him all the above and that I feel they lied about their vehicles and that I posted this information every where I could think of and that I also filed a complaint with the Utah Attorney General’s Office, but, to-date, I have never received a response. I have also never received a call from the owner of the Murray National Auto Plaza regarding this. I know there are many other serious issues out there that need to be told, but I know this is not an isolated incident and people who have been burned as I have, should have a place to go to in order to get some justice. .

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