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Published: 02 January 2018

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On or about June of 2011, I became a member of the National Organization of Assistance for Homeowners of California (NOAH) and Twin Builders Foundation Corporation (TBFC). NOAH is a dba of Financial Wellness for Homeowners of Orange County Corporation, a non-profit corporation. They were located at 1010 N. Central Avenue, Glendale, Ca. 91202. Telephone number 888-777-9489, fax number 888-755-1416, email addresses associated:,, and I was part of the Burbank Chapter of NOAH. I joined NOAH after receiving information that they were helping homeowners to save their homes from foreclosure. I had a Notice of Default and a Notice of Trustee Sale and I was looking for alternatives to modification. I received information that they were actively suing numerous lenders and service providers to include my lender JPMorgan Chase in Orange County for predatory lending practices, see list of lawsuits.I received a copy of their first amended complaint which appeared legitimate, see attached copy. I paid a total of $7,000 to participate in this program and over the past 2 years have experienced the following legal actions: 02/02/11. NOAH vs JP Morgan Chase (WAMU). Orange County Superior Court. 30-2011-00446940-CUCXC. One of 13 cases filed in Orange County, see attached list. 03/10/11. NOAH vs. JP Morgan Chase (1st Amended Complaint). Orange County Superior Court. Case dismissed 9/12/11. 05/02/11. NOAH Las Vegas representing other NOAH Chapters vs. multiple lenders filed case in Federal Court, Las Vegas, Nevada, consolidating all members from each chapter into one case. Case 2:11-CV- 00692-GWN-GWF. Case dismissed, toward end of 2011. 06/05/11. I Joined NOAH, paid $5,000. See contracts. 07/26/11. NOAH prepared and filed a Chapter 13 BK Case for me (pro per), which was dismissed for failure to file information on 08/15/11. 08/16/11. NOAH prepared a Cease and Desist Letter for me. 08/29/11. NOAH prepared and submitted a Qualified Written Request on the letter head of the Law Office of Voss and Associates, 100 North Brand Blvd., Suite 14, Glendale, Ca. 91203, Phone 888-999-1413, fax 888-755-1416, email: (email address removed by admin) 10/04/11. NOAH prepared and filed a Chapter 13 Bk Case for me (pro per), which was dismissed for failure to file information on 10/24/11. 01/03/12. NOAH prepared and filed a state lawsuit for me (pro per) CIV VS 1200007. Case filed in the County of San Bernardino, Superior Court. Paid $1405 to a process service company owned by the same people. Case dismissed. 01/04/12. NOAH failed to stop Chase from selling my house. Advised that they would fight to rescind the sale. 03/13/12. NOAH prepared and filed a federal lawsuit for me (pro per) CV12-2102 RGK (OPx) in the United States District Court, Central District of California. Case dismissed 07/20/12 for lack of prosecution. 06/12/12. I was added (as a plaintiff) to a Mass Action Joinder (lawsuit), case CV12-4830-ODW (Ex), which included numerous plaintiffs against hundreds of defendants to include multiple lenders, service providers, foreclosing trustees, securitized trust trustees, notaries, etc… Case filed in the United States District Court, Central District of California. $700 fee, (donation Invoice for TBFC). The case was filed by the law offices of Nisson, Voss and Associates, 100 N. Brand Blvd, Suite 14, Glendale, Ca. 91203, telephone 888-999-4313, fax 888-999-5764. There is an attorney client contingency fee for Mass Action Joinder and Administrative Complaints (retainer) as well as a separate attorney fee agreement for legal services, no attorney listed other than TBFC Attorneys, see attached copies. I was advised this case was dismissed months after it was filed. They told no one. Found out by accident through a friend that saw it on the internet. Continued to complain for lack of service and no communication. Yet Fannie Mae made no attempt to contact me to remove me from my house. 05/10/13. A new lawsuit against Fannie Mae is filed for me, (pro per), Case CIV RS1303341, Superior Court of California, County of San Bernardino. NOAH was advised the information in the lawsuit is incorrect. They filed a MER’s type lawsuit but Mers is not involved in my mortgage. Advised them of their error but there has been no response by NOAH since the filing. The lawsuit was filed by Linda Z Voss (SBN 111434), Law Offices of Linda Z Voss, 100 N. Brand Blvd, Suite 350, Glendale Ca., 91203, telephone number 888-999-4313; 818-813-4489, email: (email address removed by admin) 05/29/13. 05/29/13. NOAH requested me sign a Trust Settlement. No response to what this is. No contact since the filing of the case. There is a legal team but they do not respond. I have been served with demurrers for the latest lawsuit and an unlawful detainer summons and complaint. While investigating this company, I have found many names and addresses to the same people taking money to file lawsuits which all get dismissed. Some of the names I have found are as follows: Financial Wellness for Homeowners of Los Angeles County (or other cities or counties). Twin Builders Foundation Corporation. Twin Builders Services Corporation (BBB Review), Twin Holdings (USA) Corporation, California Builder4U, Inc., (BBB Review under Xaliforia Buider 4U, Inc.), HPG. Corp Home Protection Group Corporation, Home and Business Preservation Group Corporation. I have found numerous Corporations from Florida, Las Vegas and California. I have found numerous class action lawsuits or mass torts in names listed above. All cases appear to have been dismissed. I have a lot of information; don’t know how much you need. I am probably going to lose my house that I built with my own hands but I wanted the word to get out. These people do not appear to be serious and do not intend to fight the lenders in court but they have definitely taken money to allegedly do so. The worst part is that I find very little negative information about them. Yet there are hundreds if not thousands of homeowners who have been taken for a ride. .

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