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Published: 16 October 2019

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On July 19th, 2013 I contracted with a company called Nationwide Movers USA to move my belongings from Eatonton, Ga to Elkton, Maryland. The contract was with this company only, no other company was mentioned nor was I advised that there would be any other company involved. I was contacted on Monday, July 29th that the truck was to be there between 1 and 4 PM on Tuesday, July 30th. When they had not shown up by 5 PM I called a number I was given. That individual stated that he was not aware he was to load our furniture. Things have been going downhill since. They did show up at 7:30 pm and promptly advise me that they would have to charge me much more then I had agreed to as it was only an “estimate” that I agreed to. All of a sudden I now owed them an additional $709.00. Due to time constraints for moving we were now in a bind and I agreed to pay. They, whoever they were, finished loading a Penske rental truck on Wednesday, July 31. Other then paperwork with Nationwide Movers USA on it we had no idea who they worked for or where it was actually going. We needed to be out of the house by August 1, 2013. I was given a tentative first delivery date of August 3 or 4, 2013 for our furniture to be in Maryland. I had my wife get two bank money orders, one on pick up, and one for delivery. We purchased them and advised, Ali, our contact that we did in fact have two bank money orders and were they acceptable, made out to Nationwide Movers USA and she assured me that would be fine as long as it was not a personal check. I call Nationwide on Monday, August 5th as to when my furniture would be delivered and was told it was still in Georgia and they had 21 days to deliver. I could not get any estimate as to when it would be delivered. On Wednesday August 7th I was contacted by someone and advised me my furniture would be delivered by Thursday, August 7th between 1 and 4 PM if not sooner. I called “LOU” around 5 pm and asked where my furniture was and was assured it was on it’s way and would be there soon. Many phone calls and excused later, around 11:00 PM, yes 11:)) PM at night they finally showed up. It was in a truck that had seen it’s better days and had Skyline Relocation and DOT 02299653 and MC 785210, B & M Leasing, nothing other then paperwork from Nationwide to indicate who they were or who they worked for. Neither of the delivery people spoke English very well and were hard to understand. The truck they were in had exposed furniture loaded on the back ramp which had been expose3d to the elements as it had rained previously. Neither of them were very well protected. They immediately asked for payment and I refused until they opened the truck so we could see the interior to see if our furniture was even there. When they did open, furniture was packed tightly inside. They had no lights in the interior and NO FLASHLIGHT OF THEIR OWN SO WE COULD CHECK THE CONDITION OF OUR FURNITURE. I seen two items that I recognized as ours but it was behind someone elses furniture. It was now close to midnight and I just wanted to get our furnishings so we agreed to let them unload and gave them the bank money order made out to Nationwide Movers USA, which Nationide accepted back on July 30th, and they refused it saying my contract says “postal money order or cash”. We obviously had no way to get our money back for the bank money order at that time so they got in their truck with our belongings saying that we should now get a money order for an additional $360.00 BECAUSE THEY COULD NOT DELIVER, since we could not pay cash or had a postal money order. $ When they called me back on Friday it was now up to $460.00 more. I then informed them what they could do with the additional charges and they again refused to deliver without the additional money. I did not hear back from them. Wednesday I went online checking my order number, 2289680 and was surprised that it was showing as closed even though I had yet to receive my furnishings. I called and was transferred to another individual who did not answer or return my call. On Friday I was contacted by “Mike” and was told my furniture would be delivered TODAY, Saturday, August 17th by 9:00 AM, and there would be NO additional charges if I had a postal money order, which I now have in my possession for the original agreement. I started calling Nationwide at 9:45 and got nothing but voice mail and “Mikes” voice mail was full and not accepting messages. So the company I had contacted for moving has once again failed to deliver as promised. Yesterday Nationwide Movers agreed to have my belongings delivered at 10:00 am today. At 11:15 I was contacted by an individual calling himself “Lou” telling me my furniture would not be delivered today and would not be delivered until Monday or Tuesday if they had a truck available. When I asked who the postal money order was to be made out to, he informed me it was not NATIONWIDE MOVERS USA, who I have the contract with, but the driver would tell me who to make it out to and there would be an additional charge of $360.00. I believe I have been deceived by Nationwide Movers as they tout that they do not subcontract work out. Will it behoove me to pursue legal action? Does the Maryland Attorney Generals office believe there is enough deception here to at least look into what is obviously a very suspect company who says they use their own movers but in fact have contract workers. This is obviously why they would not accept the bank money order as it was already made out to Nationwide Movers USA but the final payment is to be made out to whoever the driver tells me to. We have spent over $2,000.00 furnishing our house with essentials while Nationwide Movers USA or someone they contracted with, who would appear to be in New Jersey as I finally got Mike to admit to as that is where it is even though he tried to convince me it was somewhere in Maryland. If i NEVER SEE MY FURNITURE AGAIN, MY WIFE AND I HAVE ACCEPTED THAT THAT IS A POSSIBILITY, we would just like this company dealt with.

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