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He lies to his patients and he lied to me the same way.

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Corey

Dr. Brian put my life at risk through his chiropractic practice. I used to trust this guy. I thought he was a reliable and trustworthy doctor. Now I wonder if I can even call him a doctor.

I used to visit this place for a while. I was a staunch believer in the power of alternative medicine. I was like one of those weird guys who thought herbs can cure cancer. I’m admitting this so you’d understand my situation with more clarity and with an open mind. My experience with Naturally Chiropractic was just horrible. Dr. Brian has no sense of responsibility or cares for his patients. He makes wild claims and thinks it’s okay to scam people. He doesn’t care about their health. He put my life at risk! I could’ve died because of Dr. Brian! And I’m serious. This guy could’ve put me in a casket if I hadn’t reached for real modern help.

I had heard of chiropractic horror stories but I got a first-hand experience when one day, I got really chronic and terrible pain after getting treated by Dr. Brian. He had done some spinal adjustment on me just a day ago and the pain was really terrible. It had caused me a headache and I wasn’t able to go to work because of that procedure. My friends used to tease me for getting chiropractic adjustments but I didn’t think much of that. And the pain, I used to feel some pain every time I got a chiropractic adjustment so I wasn’t much scared. But this time, it was too much for me to handle. I wasn’t able to get up from the bed. Ultimately, I called up a friend who helped get to the hospital. The pain increased so much that I had passed out in the car of my friend. I was talking to her about something and then I passed out. I don’t remember anything after that. Then I woke up in the hospital bed. The doctor told me that one of my arteries was stretched too much (or misplaced?) and because of that, I was facing so much pain in my back. When I asked the doctor what could’ve caused that he told me that it must’ve been the chiropractic adjustment. Apparently, my friend had already told him about my adjustment. I disagreed from the doctor at that point. I didn’t believe that chiropractic adjustments could have such serious complications. But when my friend and the doctor explained it all to me I realized how much Dr. Brian hadn’t told me about. He hadn’t told me anything about the risks of those adjustments. Nor did he tell me about the various complications I could face. He only told me about the benefits of the adjustments. He was lying to me all the time! He was deceiving me! So beware, Dr. Brian and his institute, Naturally Chiropractic, both of them are scams.

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