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Neville Thomas - Ittp Tefl Prague Review

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Published: 11 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My story is very long with ittp, they are a scam and very evil and dishonest. i first apply in oct 2013 soon after i did more research i found some negative reviews about them. in the negative review the writer did say that ittp deleted all bad reviews and that was the reason i couldnt find any bad reviews in the first place. soon after i applied for the course online i got an email and a text msg saying that i am accpted into their course and that i shuld pay around either 250 or 350 gbp to secure my spot in their up coming course for oct 20 2013. i was so happy and excited and without thinking i went ahead and send the money. at first they sent me a secure link to make my payment but i was unable to make the payment that way due to issues from their end. keep in mind that up to this point i actually never talked to them on the phone. i tired to call them an all the numbers they have on the web but none of the numbers actualy worked.infact after i made my payments to them through money mart because thats what they asked me to do i found out about the bad reviews so i only ever got to speak to neville thomas for about 2 mints not even. then he hung up after i asked for a refund and said that i didnt want to take their course. this was only hrs or 1 day after i made my deposte money, he said they will not issue a refund and that i will just loose my money. so i decided to do more reserach i called the college of teachers which ittp actaully have them on their website and ittp claims that they are a member of the college of teachers and that they obey their rules and code of conduct, the college of teachers adv me that ittp is not a memeber anymore and that the reason because they dont obey the code of conduct and that there r many compiants about them. i did confrnt neville about that he got really angry and said because of my attidue i am not allowed to take the oniste prague morning class, at this point i didnt want to loose my deposit after talking to college of teachers i decided to go ahead and take the course to see what the end of it was, i went to prague i was never in a class i found my own accomodation the only thing i got from ittp is 3 students that i practice tought in an office who didnt know anytihng about ittp or who they or or who neville is. i tired to go to their office but the office area was vacant, in other words there is no office or a school. i ended up paying over 800 for the course alone other than my stay there and transpotaion. at the end of all my modules i emailed them and said i finished now what the(ittp) said congragulations u passed we will send you ur certificate in the mail but u need to pay around 70 gbp i said ok. i went ahead and paid them thorugh money mart again. up to this day i didnt get anything in the mail and they wont answer me. after i asked they emailed a very fake scaned certificate withouth any seal or names not even their names and still o anwser from their end. i filed with action fraud and the police is looking into it as wel as the college of tecahers and other agencies so beware .

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