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Published: 17 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I started to work for New Century transportation on 23 May 2013. My recruiter Lenny Johnson, started the 1st lie when I called him and told him I wouldn’t be able to catch a flight to New Jersey . He told me that New Century didn’t have an orientation every week since their turnover was so low. Wrong, they have orientation every week with at least 5 – 10 people per session. Their turnover rate is about 200 Percent. They also have one of the worst CSA scores in the industry. I was a solo driver until mid November and did alright. In November my oldest sister graduated truck driving school. She was recruited by several companies and Lenny. Lenny told her that she would receive a $1500 sign on bonus and that I would receive &1000 for referring her. After about 5 months of driving she nor I had received any bonus. She called Lenny and he told her she wasn’t eligible for a bonus since she was a student. She was then contacted by a drivers advocate named David. He eventually got me my $1000 and got her $500. I put in for my vacation for the 9 – 14 of June as my wife was having knee replacement surgery. On the 16th of May we submitted our two week notice as I feel it is the right thing to do. About 5 hours later we were contacted by Gary Wagner(head of dispatch). And got screamed at for being ungrateful . He said that the only reason we came there was to get my sister trained and they didn’t appreciate it. Then our dispatcher called and basically told us we were going to regrets ever quitting. The next week we ran 2100 miles as a team. while we were up at the terminal the drivers advocate (David) cornered my sister and said “Gary told me what you did, you just used me”. My sister tried to explain that she didn’t know she was getting anymore of her bonus and as a drivers advocate he was doing his job. She also told him that she was not quitting over the bonus , she was quitting to spend more time with her grandchildren. Since we where out anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks at a time. He called her a liar and stomped off. The next pay check she got they took $1000 back of her bonus. We went to Nevada on our last run and delivered and picked up all our freight with no problems. I called payroll to find out about my last paycheck and vacation pay and I was told my vacation pay would be sent to me with my last check. We turned in our truck after we washed and cleaned the inside and departed New Century on 31 May 2014. I got my last check today 6 June 2014 and no vacation pay. I called Gary Wagner and I was told that I wouldn’t get my vacation since I quit. My sister got her last check and they took out $500 for her bonus. The worst thing is I now know I should have just walked away when we got back to New Jersey . But 2 week notice is the right way to do it. We were treated like crap for two weeks because we did the right thing. Lenny, David, Gary and the rest of New Century acted like children. Their threats were pretty funny since their all out of shape old men who haven’t seen their feet for their big bellies in quite awhile. I would never work for this company again. Junk equipment, completely incompataint dispatchers and an old boys club that covers up everything. Total joke as a company. If you do decide to work for these mob wannabes good luck. I would starve before I’d ever work for this company

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