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Published: 26 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

BUYER BEWARE… I don’t typically write reviews – let alone, negative reviews but I believe this one is in the best interest of the public, so here it is: BUYER BEWARE!!!! The agent Cathey McCarver can not refund or has decided to keep cash money given to her by a lady friend who signed a lease agreement late Friday afternoon July 17, 2015 and changed her mind the very next morning Saturday July 18 , 2015. (less than 24 hrs.) The scenario: My dear friend agreed to lease a house advertised by New Home Realty, the house was said to be owned by the listing agent Cathey McCarver.Yes, an agreement was signed late Friday afternoon and the first, last and deposits were paid (in cash, mistake) at that time. My friend changed her mind and called Cathey McCarver the very next morning to cancel the agreement and asked for her money to be returned (maybe 24hrs. later) not even enough time to deposit the cash into a New Home Realty bank account or maybe even her personal bank account.. who knows at this point. Cathey was surprisingly rude, cold and condescending, she took a very hard and agressive position and made it very clearly that New Home Realty would not return the cash money ($2600)… not even if the agreement was less than 24 hrs.old. The rental property was not occupied (there was no time) or anything, the “for lease sign” was still in the yard and online ads were still in effect; again, this was less than 24hrs after the agreement. Buyers change thier mind for various reasons every day: frustrating, yes – but an unfortunate part of doing business, especially in Real Estate. New Home Realty has taken every dime this woman had and Cathey knows it- but still refuses to give her the money back (not even sure where the cash is now or who has it ) Again, the timeline is Friday afternoon to Saturday morning… A total nightmare! This is not a legal issue, but an issue of a right and a wrong way to conduct business with the public. This lady needs her money back DESPERATELY and New Home Realty knows it.. please give her the money back??! Lesson learned the hard way I guess and Buyer Beware- before considering New Home Realty to handle deposits, list or sell your home or receive any form of cash from you or the person buying your home, just be careful. My suspicion is, this lady is not the only victim of New Home Realty’s business practices. Again, BUYER BEWARE!!!! This lady is one of the sweetest ladies I know, and she is being RAILROADED by New Home Realty.She realizes a contract is a contract, but really, less than 24 hrs, to hold her feet to the fire and take every last dime she has??? not good and not the way to do business… disappointed to say the least… BUYER BEWARE!!!!! and BUYER BEWARE!!!! I really wish I didnt have to write this type of review, but if New Home Realty’s Ownership condones this type of customer service and personal insults from thier agents, I feel I have no choice but to let it be known.

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