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Published: 12 June 2019

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I was introduced to Nick James by his live internet and online business course programs. He is, as most sales people, a very good speaker, comes across like a good guy and said all the right things. I was wanting to set up and create an online membership website and needed everything from the website to sales funnes, copy for the marketing, email follow up copy and the such. I was brand new to the industry and Nick James made big promises. He claimed he had a massive email list, great powerful contacts and the knowledge to get my business built online and up and running. he also promised to host a series of live webinars with me and promote me to his many contacts and followers. He also promised he would not stop until i had 1000 paying members on my membership website. It all sounded great and exactly what i wanted. The next step was, Nick demanded a very large upfront fee before he would even get started. I was hesetant but being he was so well known in the UK and ran live workshops and seemed to be very successful, i trusted him, dug deep and paid him the money he demanded. I was promised that within 2 months the system would be up and running and ready to start promoting my business to his global comunity. The goal was to host my first webinar in January with a great offer and show off my new online website and business… Time ticked on, i kept following up to see how things were coming along, it seemed there was one issue after another and the online system was no where near being finished. It seemed Nick James did not have the amazing team working for him that he claimed he did, rather he outsourced the work to a useless low paid guy overseas that could not figure out how to do the basic work needed. I continually tried to contact Nick to find out when my website would be finished and finally Nick told me to deal directly with the guy he had outsourced to. I found out that these two were not getting along at all and now it was up to me to get this completed. After a number of months, the web guy stated Nick owed him money and he was not going to do any more work on my site, leaving it barely a frame. In order to get my website done and get business rolling, i had to hire another company to finish it, Nick James in the mean time claimed it was not his issue. Finally my website and online system was finished, this was 7 months later! Now we were ready to do the big launch. This was Nick’s time to shine as he had all these amazing contacts and partners to promote me, this is why he charged the big bucks… We set a date for my webinar and i ras raring to go! Then something came up and Nick had to reschedule, this happened a number of times. I kept asking when the marketing and promotions would start as i had not seen anything going out. Again, Nick James in his saleman fashion passed the blam onto others and claimed the lack of progress was not his fault… So i continued to wait. Finally, the big day, the launch was actually going to happen and he promised me the next day, 3 days before my very first webinar and big release of my new company was to happen, he was going to do a mass promotion with all his connections. Guess what happened… The very next day, i was eagerly awaiting his email with my big promotion, i saw the email come in, i couldnt wait to see what Nick James, famouse copy writer had designed to promote me to his global comunity… I opened the email and to my great horror, it was a massive promotion to another business and a different webinar…!!!??? I immedietly called Nick James and asked what the heck was going on, to which he calmy said; “I had promised this guy i would promote his webinar, we can do yours another time”. To this day, and i have been asking and asking him to finish up what he promised, he is yet to follow through on even 1 of the many promises he made me. I have contracted out the work to a number of other people and built my entire system myself, without the help Nick james promised me. I have asked a number of times for my money back and Nick james repied with “I feel I have delivered all of my deliverables, and the ball was in your court”… All Nick James provided for his massive up-front fee was a poorly 1/4 built website that had to be scraped and rebuilt fron the start and a bunch of empty promises.

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