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Published: 03 December 2022

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I purchased a Nikon camera outfit from a New York electronics chain in July of 2008. I used this equipment for all of last year with my business and it worked perfectly until about 1 month ago. I also purchased the Nikon warranty with this package deal I bought from the electronics store. After trying to contact the electronics store but to no avail I was able to contact Nikon,whose customer service is in another country(Dominican Republic) and if known that alone I would have bought another brand camera. They did give me an address to send the lens that I was having problems with to but would not give me a phone number. ODD I KNOW. And this was after 1 hour and 5 people. Well I sent the lens to the address Nikon gave me and I was able to get a phone number off the internet. I called the repair center to see how long this would take and they told me I should have the lens back in 5-7 days. I sent this out with postal insurance,Thankfully I chose to insure this. Well after 3 weeks and no repaired lens or no phone call or e-mails I decided to call the repair center and they told me initially they never received the lens. After contacting the post office I mailed it from they provided me with a copy of the signature of the person who signed for it. HUH !!! Another call to the repair facility was made and they now say they received it,after I told them I had proof they received it but it was reported as stolen property so therefor I would not be getting this back. I KNOW SOUNDS FISHY TO ME TOO !!!! So I’m guessing either Sunshine electronics is selling stolen property which could be the case or Nikon is trying to cover up either a lost or stolen, from their possession a 200.00 lens. I find it strange the sequence of events that took place with the repair facility and the fact I was able to register my camera along with both lenses when I purchased them and was never notified these were stolen property. I also provided Nikon with a copy of my purchase receipt. I am doing a charge back on my credit card and when I called there senior manager @ the repair facility,Cory Devereaux to get a copy of the police report. I was told they will not give me any paperwork because it was marked CONFIDENTIAL YEAH RIGHT but I wasn’t surprised since I have gotten nowhere with this company. I would be interested to see when this was reported stolen since I didn’t report it and I was able to produce a receipt that showed I bought this product. I wonder what the date would be on the report. My best word of advise to everyone is don’t buy any NIKON product because of their handling of basic customer service issues. They will not give you any info at all and will not return any phone calls you make to them and when you do talk to someone you are passed from one imbecile to another with nothing accomplished and a great deal of frustration is passed to you the customer. I feel that Nikon stole this lens from me and if I make it to Melville NY I will file a stolen property report which I was advised to do by there police department but wasn’t able to do over the phone.

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