Noriko Moonbird Takahashi

Involvement in Class A Drugs and Kids, Witness Mockery, International Drug Smuggling, Santo Daime Church Japan.

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Published: 18 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

Adrian Freedman and Noriko Moonbird Takahashi are heavily involved in drug dealing and threatening Court witnesses to be quiet, or expect violence. The response to a cease and desist order served upon Noriko and Adrian was to encourage people to label witnesses to the Courts as mentally sick and to defame them as homosexual peodophiles and rapists of little boys, proof was found of their involvement and when an apology was demanded, the response was to expect to be smeared online, or have legs broken, or be murdered before the police can help, or be smeared as a homosexual peodophile.

Adrian Freedman and Noriko Moonbird Takahashi had to close down their drug smuggling operations and his work that involved drug dealing, trafficking in cannabis, ayahuasca and LSD, after his following claiming to be of love and light were the subject of 200 or more police reports detailing threats of violence, threats to smear, mockery, intimidation and blaming other people for police raids finding large amounts of banned substances including massive sacks of ready prepared weed as well as LSD tabs and other drugs destined for sale at the events.

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi and Adrian Freedman are clearly mentally deranged and sick individuals involved in slandering Court Witnesses as sick pedophiles whilst smoking weed and taking drugs. Also involved in abusing babies and chidren by dosing them with drugs, they were involved in lying to cover up the truth about threatening to cripple witnesses to Courts and then poking fun at them, slandering them as mentally sick and deranged. Both were told mocking the police witness would not spare their Santo Daime from persecution in 2017, the response was to find people to claim the one threatened with murder was a peodophile, would have files made about him, was evil and would have his bank accounts closed.

In response to a cease and desist order, Noriko and Adrian arranged for people to humiliate witnesses as mentally deranged, posting death threats and telling them to leave people out of Court testimony or expect violence, murder and having legs broken.

It did not help them, they thought it would, but they were wrong. It is because the cannabis and the Santo Daime combined made them deranged and eroded their common sense, explaining their stupid mistakes.

Recommendations were made to avoid the scandal, the response from one of the key members of the Santo Daime Church was that he would be murdered, killed or sent to hospital. Others in the Santo Daime Church decided to say that he was a (censor) and a (censor), and was a homosexual (censor) and a (censor) and would be killed, finished off, (censor) and (censored).

The one threatened with murder offered peace terms, as well as suggestions to spare their practice from prohibition, but was sneered at, (censored) at, called a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor)-bag as well as a (censor), a (censor) and a (censor) and told that he would be murdered, crippled or (censored) or labelled as a (censor) of (censor).

Adrian Freedman and Noriko stopped laughing when they realized smoking weed and mocking people threatened with violence and other nasties is not clever if your Facebook friends pages lists dates and times for authorities to bash doors in looking for weed and Ayahuasca. Police smashed doors in of the aggressors finding big bottles of ayahuasca, sacks of weed, LSD, other banned substances and arrested people for trafficking in the substance.

drian Freedman tried to deny his involvement but was caught with his pants down operating in Portugal and telling porkies to try and cover himself, he was forced to close down the bank accounts for his Santo Daime organization and rethink his approach.

In chess terms he had to knock down his king, resign and walk away from the nastiest war in Santo Daime history as a loser, a humiliated and broken king, riddled and marred by the mistakes of his people.

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi, wife of Freedman, was badly humiliated when Adrian Freedman disregarded his own family in favour of smoking weed, taking drugs, drinking beer, stealing, breaking drug laws and then getting into serious legal trouble.

Adrian Freedman stopped laughing when his Santo Daime Church was struck down by the curse of prohibition as he was warned. Adrian Freedman, Nancy Swinnen and Noriko Moonbird Takakashi were referred to the EU Schengen Zone border authorities for inclusion onto a DO NOT ADMIT list.

The application cited criminal histories and stated intentions to import prohibited substances throughout the EU Schengen Zone.

All three individuals were warned to expect their visa applications to be DENIED in 2021 post-Brexit and were advised to permanently cancel all pre-arranged music festivals and ayahuasca ceremonies Europe-wide.

Adrian Freedman was warned to expect Santo Daime criminalization in each and every one of the 26 EU Schengen Zone countries along with a permanent bar denying him entry to Europe.

Adrian Freedman was warned to expect defeat in the European Court of Human Rights for Santo Daime.

Noriko Moonbird Takahashi was warned to expect numerous arrests in Japan for Santo Daime followed by the criminalization of several Japanese Santo Saime Churches after she was involved in importing the substance into Japan illegally.

Both individuals were served with formal Cease and Desist notices as well as Article 21 GDPR 2018 notices and were ordered to pay (£155, 000) in legal claims in relation to criminal harassment from the organization known as The Santo Daime Church.

Adrian Freedman and Noriko Moonbird Takahashi stopped laughing when the authorities ruled they were mentally sick and needed treatment.

Adrian Freedman had to seek help for cannabis psychosis and the UK Social Services warned the two people to stop giving the children Class A drugs or they would be put in foster care.

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