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Published: 03 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My experience is almost identical to the previous report. I had received an ad on Facebook around 10:30 PM last Sunday night for a trial period of a weight loss pill recommended by Dr.Oz. The cost was to be a flat $3.95 for a 15 day trial. I’m not overweight at 175 lbs but have a larger gut than I like and thought this trial would be just the thing. I issued them my Credit a card number and summited my order around 11:00 pm Sunday night. I immediately received an Email confirming my $3.95 Trial offer but also a Trial Offer for a colon Clense at $4.95 plus insurance on the package at $1.99. So automatically I had pending charges on my credit card of $10.89 . I then checked futher and found that if not cancelled within 14 days of the order date, not the day the order arrives, the charge on my credit card would be $ 93.89. I don’t know how much on the other crap but it’s possibly the same. Dissatified With the cramming my order with items I didn’t order, I immediately went to cancel the order but guess what? There is no cancellation link. So here at Midnight on a Sunday I placed a telephone call in hopes of 27/7 service. Pure fantasy…..Recording ” As a valued Customer your call is important to us so please call back on normal business hours of 10 am to 6 pm Eastern”. Sooooo at 10:01 am a Eastern time I made my call and was placed in line at Que 6 minutes but press 1 and pound I would receive a call back in 6 minutes. I did so and 30 minutes later and no call back , I again callEd them and had a waiting time of 12 minutes but I hang on and finally got the, i told them I didn’t like the adding of things on the order and wanted it cancelled . After several minutes of the trying to talk me into trying the item, they said it had already been shipped. It told them BS, it was at that time only around 8am in Utah. They said the insurance thingy put a priority on it and I would have to call for a return RMA number when it arrived and pay for return shipping. I decided to wait a couple of days and then get the RMA number and return it unopened . Welol today I called for that RMA and this is what I got from a supervisor that answered. He said he had no problem canceling future orders of the Colon Cleanse but the order had already shipped and want to know if I had received it. I told him no but I wanted the return RMA because I didn’t like his company’s practice and didn’t trust them. He wanted me again to try the product before sending it back and I told him I no longer wanted the Crap or his company. He then warned me that any futher disparaging the product or his company would terminate the call!! I checked the shipping dates, the shipping label was generated at 7:30 am that morning, taken to the shipper the next evening and left the initial post office this morning……So a created label is considered shipped. I held my temper and told him to just give me RMA like I called for and he said that they came from the Corporate office and I would have to call back after two business days……D*** it’s so hard to hold tempers after this crap. He informed me I had several options. Call back in a few Days, get the RMA, pay a return postage fee that would be around $13.00 and a restocking Fee of $13.00 so I would still be out close to Twenty Five dollars. Still holding temper, bearly. Another option was to keep the order and get his employee discount and a one time Charge of around $60. 00. I told him no, I would be calling back for the RMA. He then said His supervisor was there and would give me his discount and my Order would be discounted 50% for a total of $48.80 and all future charges stopped and membership cancelled. I agreed to this , so I’m out $48.80 for a $3.95 trial product. As I said in the beginning , this isn’t really a scam as you do receive the product ordered unless the extra item thrown in is a scam but very unethical practice. HAVING said all this, it was my fault for falling for this BS and NOT reading the terms of the offer. Had I read them I would never have ordered the things because I Would not pay $94.00 for that item and all the other BS is included in the Terms of Agreement. So the Bottom line is, if you want to join a weight loss program with a Nationally known product and pay $94 $$$$$ a month, this may work for you but for me, I’ll do business with those that doesn’t hide facts in small print and understand the term ” Buyers Remorse” and offer a chance to cancel orders before they honestly ship , especially when they charge you for items you didn’t purchase. .

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