Northern Utah Rehabilitation Hospital

Nothing but a sham!

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Published: 11 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I never heard back from Northern Utah Rehabilitation Hospital so I have contacted an attorney to pursue my situation. This is not what I consider enjoying my golden years. This has been the worst 2 years of my life gone to waste!

When I was about 17-years-old, my parents sent me to a famous and well-respected rehab center named as the National Utah Rehabilitation center. I never did any “hard” drugs at that time. I used ecstasy and smoked weed. But when I got there, I was surrounded by people who were recovering from heroin, meth, cocaine – a whole new world of drugs. I had only heard horror stories about them as a kid. And rather than hearing about how horrible these drugs were, I kept on hearing about how amazing the highs of using these drugs were. The people there had some of the best experiences of their lives on these drugs, like the best sex ever. Being only 17, I just figured maybe the drugs weren’t so bad and these people I met in rehab just lost control. If I did it, I could do the drugs in moderation. And I wanted to feel as amazing as they did – especially since I just came into rehab, extremely depressed and lonely- honestly, at one of the weakest moments of my life. Yes, there were therapeutic group sessions in this rehab program, but most days were just spent in the courtyard smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and reminiscing about past experiences with drugs. As a result, we ended up glorifying previous drug use. My experience at this rehab facility also subliminally taught me to switch from one addiction to another. In rehab, my new addictions included smoking more cigarettes, drinking lots of coffee and eating more sweets. Many times the pocket money they asked our parents for was for cookies and cigarettes in the “snack shops” there.

Before going to rehab, I would smoke three to four cigarettes a day max. Once I left rehab, I became a chain smoker and an avid caffeine addict. My diet consisted of unhealthy foods. And those were pretty much all the “new activities” that were condoned and encouraged in that rehab. My main objective to go to the place was to be drug-free and to live a life more easily without any complications but it is now just the opposite. I started doing more drugs. At last, my father sent me to a better rehab center where they treated me with care and did not encourage me or the others to do more drugs. At the end of the session here, I was not a drug addict now but Utah rehabilitation center made my situation worse. I would recommend you all to stay away from these kinds of rehab centers. When the mental peace of mind of a person is disturbed then it is very difficult to recover at a fast rate. So always choose a better rehabilitation center.

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