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Published: 23 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We paid off our loan with a bank certified check. We were told that even though it was a bank check they would hold the title for 10 days. They could not explain why. Only said it was company policy. I explained at the time that I needed the title sent to us at a different address. They said it was fine to do that and asked for the address I gave it to them. When they read it back to me they had the wrong state! When the 10 days was up I called to verify that it was mailed out. I was informed at that time that it was not mailed out. They stated they were now going to hold it until Dec 22. When I asked why I was told it was because we had called in a payment over the phone with our credit card. And that when this happens they hold it for an additional 60 days. I verified the address again.. again it was the wrong state and I corrected them again. After argueing with them I asked for the number to the corporate office. They said they do not have a number even for them to contact the coporate office. They said they would handle it internally. I explained I was done talking with them and was going to file a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office Dept of Finance. I was then told that they would call their reginal manager and have them call me. I told them very plainly they had 30 mins! I immedately had a phone call from the Post Falls office. After questioning if the person was in fact the reginal manager I was told it was. She just happend to be in the Post Falls office that day. After discussing our circumstances I was assured that our title would go out Monday. I verified the address and it was given correctly. Called on Monday our title was going out and I was given an certified mailing tracking number. Tuesday went online to verify that it had been sent out. The certified number comes up as not found! I called them back they tried reassuring me that the title did go out and that the number I had was correct. They stated it was close to the post office closing for the day but they would call them for me the next day if I wanted. I told them no I was calling the post office now! Called the post office and per them the certified number should be showing online by now if it had in fact been mailed out. The only reason they could figure it would not is if they dropped it in a blue post office box and it was not actually piced up til today. So I called back and verified that it supposedly had been handed to the post office delivery person the previous day. I called the post office back and was told to call back in the morning and they would be glad to start an investigation into all this. As someone stated in a complaint previously.. they will not give you your title back when it is paid off! They keep coming up with excuses as to why it is not going out or why it is not showing up. They also were very pointed about telling me that they would only mail it once and if it was not delivered for any reason they would not try and mail it again. We would have to go in person to pick it up. Now why would you state this except you know we are out of state and that is not possible! And obviously already had it in their mind to not mail it out at all! They may think they can get away with this however they will not with us!! I WILL be following up with the post office tomorrow and starting and investigation with them.. would think this would fall under mail fraud! Also if the title is not in my hands by this Friday I will be filing a report with the Attorney Generals Office Dept of Finance! They are illegally withholding our title after paid off with bank certified funds! That truck and title is no longer theirs and by withhlding them they are breakign the law! They will be held accountable!! .

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