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Published: 19 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was at the light at Time Square when a cop just crossed the road infront of me. As he crossed the road, he saw my phone on my lap he turned around knocking my window that why was I using my phone. I told him I was not using it was just sitting on my lap. He lied to me that he saw me when I drove from one light before that I was holding a phone. I also picked up the phone and showed me that look at it the screen is locked and I wasnt doing anything at all. The truth is I was never holding a phone. My car has a bluetooth and my phone is always connected so I can operate my phone using my car so I dont have to physically hold a phone to operate it. The cop also lied because he never saw anything, cuz if he had seen me from one light before, he would have waived and stopped me but in reality he just crossed by and saw the phone on my lap from the window. My having a phone in the lap was unusual but doesnt still doesnt mean I was using it or even holding it. He took my license away and asked me to clear the light and park next to the curb. I did that. When he came to me, I showed me that my phone was connected to the car and he is mistaken that I was using it or even holding it. He asked me for insurance and registration and while i tried to explain to him he raised is voice loud at me as if I was a criminal or something. He started yelling at me that dont argue with me. I will definietely Plead NOT GUILTY and I will fight this case tooth and nail to the end. I am not very hopeful, because I really doubt the legal system of New York. I know they just listen to what the cop says and believe it. I will try and ask the judge if he can get the survaillance cameras evidence from that day and see for himself that I was not holding the phone and put the cop behind bars for lying under penalty of perjury. Wishful thinking, I know this aint gona happen. But I will fight it. If anybody can help me and let me know if I can bring a lawsuit agianst NYPD for this ? Is there a law where an officer is accountable to the false statements they make while handing out tickets? .

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