O. Folorunsho Edobor-Osula, MD


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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Samuel

SHE IS A NEGLIGENT AND GREEDY CHEAT. She doesn’t care about her patient’s health. Most probably, she’ll lie to you as well just the way she lied to me. I had visited Dr. Folorunsho for a sports injury. I had injured my knee during running. I wanted to be an athlete and I was working for the same. I used to exercise daily. And I was working on improving my techniques and all. When I had visited Dr. Folorunsho, she didn’t seem rude or unprofessional. But she told me right away that I’ll be needing surgery for the treatment of my knee pain. I was a little surprised to find that out because honestly, I hadn’t experienced that pain for a lot of time. It had only been a few days since I started feeling some pain in my knee cap. And I thought it’d be okay if I got a simple treatment for it.

She told me that there is no other treatment for my condition apart from surgery. I was surprised and shocked. I ended up going through the surgery. But that surgery ruined my prospects. Now, she tells me that I can’t run or take up sports. All the things I had worked for all these years have gone in waste. She hadn’t told me that the surgery can ruin my sports career. If I had known, I would’ve looked for alternatives. And guess what? She wasn’t supposed to do surgery! She lied to me! SHE IS A CHEAT AND A LIAR! She told me that the only treatment I could avail was surgery. But when I got in touch with another doctor, I found out that I could’ve done a bunch of stuff before the surgery. Through those treatments such as rehabilitation and exercise, I might’ve not needed the surgery. In fact, she should’ve told me about all that even after telling me about the surgery. I had options for God’s sake but she didn’t tell me about it. I didn’t know that all I needed was a few weeks’ rests. Instead of going through proper treatment, I ended up going through a surgery. That sick lady ruined my career, shattered my dreams and took advantage of my situation. She did all that for what? Money. All she wanted was money.

That greedy bitch thinks it’s okay to play with other people’s lives as long as it fills her pockets. The surgery cost me a fortune and that’s what she wanted. She didn’t care about my health or my welfare. No, all she cared about was her pockets. She wanted to get the most money out of me and the surgery seemed like the best solution to her. She cheated me. She is an unethical and greedy doctor. Don’t go to her. She isn’t reliable. She could betray you as she betrayed me. I don’t think it’s safe for anyone to go see her. She is a trickster.

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