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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Lauren Mignot, Greg Mignot and Old Orchard Farms. Following on from an order I placed with this company earlier this year – I contracted MG/MS within my flock. They immediately went on the defensive. They claimed publicly to have been tested and be MG/MS clean in all the advertisments they started placing. It turns out they had 1 bird tested, and the state told them that they were not allowed to advertise as ‘clean’ when they had not been tested. I therefore started doing some research, finding out that they only had 2 breeds listed within their state of VA NPIP participants list. Thus the NPIP form sent to me was clearly a fake. Interestingly another participant in Woodstock, VA (Daniel Dysart) does have listed most of the varieties they claim to have. Earlier this year Lauren Mignot did post saying some birds were elsewhere – but this was quickly removed. Sadly it then became apparent that they had lied to all of their customers earlier in the year. They stated Greg was in hospital – when in fact he had actually been arrested and was in custody. His ‘hospital condition’ being used in advertising as they needed to sell items off to pay for the hospital bill. After checking the public court records – his only hospital bill remains unpaid and his court case still ongoing. (All public record with Shenandoah County, VA or search Greg Mignot on Google). Then we have the use of their terms and conditions – these state that no matter what you buy – they can replace your order with any bird of similar or higher value – even if you do not want it. This is against NPIP regulations. Zoning officials, have also now been informed that they are running a business in their residentially zoned proprerty – feel free to check. All of this information above is all available to the public – you just have to look. Sadly they assume you will not bother looking whilst they continue to deceive new customers. After stating my findings to them, I was immediately deleted, blocked and removed by them personally and also from the facebook groups that they run. Feel free to search ultimate orpingtons (the web address they run) – on google. The truth is to be found.

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