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Published: 29 June 2019

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Jon Clarke t/a Olive Press SL Spain (Luke Stewart Media SL) beware of this man – he has published a long string of unsubstantiated lies, untruths, inuendos and defamatory statements against me and others in his rag ‘The Olive Press’ and thinks he can get away with this because I have previous (spent) convictions in the UK dating back to offences which ocurred in the 1980’s Jon Clarke enlists the assistance of Tom Powell, the beer swigging alcoholic who lives in a bed sit in Estepona, and Imogen Calderwood who spends her time telephoning coin dealers in London and elsewhere pretending she has inherited a coin collection from her Father and wishes to get hold of the phone number of specific coin dealers for her to pass on to her Editor Jon Clarke to enhamnce his stories. Clearly Imogen Calderwood doesn’t abide by any code of ethics by trying to obtain information by deception, and the Olive Press itself doesn’t abide by any code of conduct whatsoever and think they are imune from Court action or prosecution. One only has to look at the scathing report published at the end of 2013 by FAPE, the International Press Center in Madrid which heavily censured the Olive Press and especially Jon Clarke for his handling of the Madelaine McCann story where he pitched outside a family home and took photos for days assuming that this family’s daughter was the missing Madelain McCann. Finding Clarke and his ‘newspaper’ had violated Articles 4 and 13 of the Code of Ethics, they demolished his rag as a paper which relied on the flimsiest of evidence to print a sensational story in order to reap the rewards of advertising. I will come to the question of advertisering in the Olive Press later, but meanwhile here is a list of the violations which have occured since December 2013 in Clarke’s vendetta and camapign against Nigel Goldman and others. The Olive Press broke the story about the ‘missing broker’ on 23 December 2013, although like most things, they got the dates wrong, as I left Spain in September, not November. Victims number dozens, reaching millions of euros. This figure changes regularly, and in Antonio Flores’s blog, Clarke estimates the money stolen to reach ‘tens of millions’. When challenged over this figure Clarke blames Flores who apparently says only a very small percentage of clients come forward in such cases, so the overall figure is always 20-40 times the size of the evidence. Mmm The true figure on the denuncia is 650,000 euro. Still a large sum, and regrettable, but hardly ‘tens of millions’ Claims I owned a red Ferrari when in fact this car was hired for the day for a photo shoot for the poker at Marbella Casino. Jon Clarke says I ‘liked’ a story he published about me on Facebook. I have evidence to support Clarke (or his staff) hacking into Facebook to do this, and uplifting photos from there to enhance his articles. States I promised clients a minimum return of 11% per month. Really? Claims that I had numerous properties in Spain and Morocco worth millions of pounds. Go and sell them Mr Clarke, help yourself to 10% commission, repay the losing clients out of the sale and then send me the balance. I will give the bulk of it to charity. Clarke mentions in his ‘paper’ that I have strings of bank accounts in Germany, Spain, Isle of Man, Tanger and the UK. Untrue. He has manipulated stolen photographs of me. Claims I used a false name and was in disguise. My name was changed by deed poll, and I have not disguised myself at all. Jon Clarke says that he sent journalists to my home for an interview. Nobody from the Olive Press has ever been here. Also claims that emails and phone calls remained unanswered. Also untrue, and he has a history of this as disclosed by FAPE’s investigation into the Olive Press, where he made similar claims against the hapless family who he harassed. Links me to a convicted lawyer in Florida named Hartman who I have never met. States that all my friends were convicts, specifically in his article ‘Company Men’ claims that Laurence Levy, Roy Dinsdale and Richard Pope were villains when they appeared in articles written for the Euro Weekly News by me when I reveiwed restaurants. I wrote for the Euro Weekly News in a freelance capacity and was never employed by them or paid. At the time, all three dining companions had not been convicted, let alone accused of anything. Jon Clarke even stated that I was a close friend of Max Clifford and a dining companion of him as well, when in fact I have never met the man. I am amazed he didn’t use photo shop to uplift a photo of Clifford sitting next to me in a restaurant somewhere for use in his ‘newspaper’. Refers to my close friend David Bark as a school friend I whiled away the afternoons with swapping stamps and coins. David Bark is 13 years older than me, and has never had any interest in stamps. Clarke made this up as when Imogen Calderwood telephoned the coin trade in London to attempt to get hold of David Bark, she told a pack of lies claiming that her Father had died and she had inherited a coin collection he had purchased from David Bark 5 years earlier and that it was her Father’s dying wish that it be re-sold to David. The coin dealer was supicious of this phone call, and asked for an email address. She provided a false email. She also provided false contact information when she telephoned Lawrence Chard in Blackpool seeking similar information. Hardly ethical journalism from this girl who has never held a job down for more than 4 months at a time. Also states I went to school with Philip Green from Top Shop. False. Clarke is obsessed by my book High Stakes, which he variously claims was published in 2009 and 2011. It was actually published in 2004 by Mainstream Publishing and won the Arthur Koestler award. Jon Clarke sold his stories to the UK Press for large sums of money claiming all the content to be true, and the UK press had a field day, sending journalists to Suzanne’s mother’s house, and hounding her on the telephone. They reprinted his stories under the false impression that he had done thorough journalitic investigation into his claims. At least one newspaper is suing him for the return of their fee. Clarke then went on to publish a photograph of the house where we live and a descrition of our vehicle, against all publishing guidelines and etiquette, and even mentioned the car we drive. Jon Clarke even telephoned eBay and Pay Pal and pretended to be an employee of our business ‘Bensons Emporium’ and attempted to get the eBay site and Pay Pal facilites closed down. When that ruse failed, he hacked into the eBay acocunt and wrote to all the clients who had purchased gold coins to enquire if they had received them. This caused Pay Pal to freeze our account while we provided tracking and delivery information on these transactions, and some 10 days later when this was safely received and reviewed by their trust and safety department the account was re-instated. Unsatisfied with this, Clarke then contacted Pay Pal a second time and forwarded them all the articles he had written. This time Pay Pal got scared of a run on the money and froze the account for 180 days and reversed 3 bank transfers on their way to me. Hence the Leon Shepherd incident. Clarke then paid Leon Shepherd, a creditor because of this, to spend 12 hours outside my house filming me for Clarke’s use on his website and on You Tube with credits of course to the Olive Press.. Jon Clarke makes up the name of Carol Lewis and claims she was a friend of Suzanne when she has never heard of her and now publishes untruths about her as well. Claims I was banned from Frankie’s Poker Club in Marbella Port for marking cards when I have never been there or ever marked cards. Clearly this man has an unhealthy obsession with telling untuths about me, and also Talk Radio Europe who have banned him from their studios after 4 years of reading the news from the Olive Press. He has also trashed Barrie Nathan in his ‘paper’ and Maurice Boland as well as David Klein (Dave the Dogman) Worked it out yet? Got the connection? All the above persons, including me, are Jewish. He referred to us as the “Jewish Mafia” in an email he sent to my former chauffeur where he begged him for help – proof provided to this publication And why the vendetta against me which seems to have consumed him? Simples! When I was flying high in Spain Clarke asked me to finance his paper to the tune of 50,000 euro. I refused, and he was also turned down by his bank Unicaja as well. Jon Clarke also lost a large client in November when a bank transfer from the clients bank to the Olive Press’s bank was intercepted by the Spanish Tax Office and held. Jon Clarke is an anti semite. A racist. An inciter of racial hatred. A Jew hater who will leave no stone unturned to fuel his thirst of his hatred of Jews. Hence his vendettas. Formerly a sympathiser of the BNP and Combat 18, Clarke had a reputation in Fleet Street for his anti-sematism. To all advertisers and would be advertisers in the Olive Press please take note of this. Jon Clarke claims he distributes 200,000 copies of the Olive Press and that he has 500,000 readers. Request he provides you details of his print run from the printing house in Malaga. You will find that his distribution figures are as exagerated as the other numbers he makes up about me in his ‘small inland newspaper’.

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