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Published: 23 July 2019

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What is your concern or complaint? Please be as detailed as possible.: I contracted with the air conditioning company “One Hour Heat and Air” a couple years ago to install a new compressor on my central Air system at my house. I went with them because they were a fairly large company with positive reviews and their motto painted on their buildings, trucks and vans, billboards and even letterhead proudly stated “One Hour Heat and Air, Always on time or you don’t spend a dime”… They came and gave me an acceptable estimate and scheduled a date and time to do the install. I took the day off from work to meet them at 10:00 to let them do the install and when 11:00 came I had to call them to find out where they were and why they hadn’t shown up yet. I was told that they got stuck on a job and wouldn’t be able to make it out that day and even told me that that appointment was only tentative anyway… I rescheduled for the following Monday, which was Memorial Day and I told the manager that I was retired Military and that I participate in Memorial Day functions, so they would have to be sure they could get the job finished by early afternoon. He assured me it would only take about three hours and so we scheduled a ten o’clock appointment. When Memorial Day came, I waited until 11:30 before finally breaking down and calling yet again to find out why they had not shown up… especially when they boast that they are “Always on Time”… again I was given the answer that his crew was stuck on a job with some difficulty or another and that they would be able to be at my house no later than one o’clock that afternoon and assured me they would be done before I had to leave…. Well, as fate would have it, I sat there until 2:30 waiting… and finally called again to see what was going on and was told that the crew had just finished their morning install and were going to stop and grab a sandwich lunch and would be there by 3:00… so I called a friend to come supervise if I had to leave, and their crew finally showed up at 3:30 and began tearing out the old system. I had a formal function to go to and had no option but to leave at 4:00 and I told the installer to just have my friend sign any paperwork once the install was completed. He informed me he was supposed to pick up a check for $3,525 before they left. I told him to just finish his work and have his manager call me to discuss their on-time motto and explain to me how it works if they boast “Always On Time or you don’t spend a dime” About five minutes later I received a call from the manager demanding to know why I was refusing payment and threatening me that he would pull his crew off the job right now if I didn’t turn around and go write them a check… I asked him to explain how they could boast that they are “Always on time or you don’t spend a dime” and then not show up for the first day and then be 5 ½ hours late the actual day of installation and yet still get mad when I was reluctant to pay full price until I spoke with a manager. At that point he tried to explain to me that their boasted motto only applies to the service call fee for a routine service call. I asked him to show me where any of that was written in their contract or stipulations that it only applied to routine service calls… he couldn’t and then proceeded to use an excessive amount of profanity and name calling saying that I was “(email address removed by admin) $%ing stupid if I thought that it meant I wouldn’t have to pay for the install. I asked him again then to explain what their boastful mottow of always on time or you don’t spend a dime meant. He still argued the point with me and I told him that when he could show me in writing any previously written disclosure meant they could be so grossly negligent with their timing and still not have to honor their commitment to be on time or that there would be no cost. They use that motto on everything they have including their website and nowhere is it disclaimed in any fine print, or at least wasn’t when the time I contracted them. He finally got frustrated and told me that he was going to pull his crew off and take his equipment and not finish the install… I informed him that if he did that, then two things would happen immediately… I would first call my attorney and get him started suing him for breach of contract and failure to reinstall the old equipment as well as compensation request for the days I took off of work to meet them and then I would call channel 4 news and have Scott Hines standing in front of my house the next day with a video camera on the nightly news telling the story of just how One Hour Heat and Air honors their guarantee that they are always on time or you don’t spend a dime…. We would see how many other people might be out there that they had also had timing issues with yet didn’t seem to want to pursue their case. I told him that he was to call his people and tell them to finish the job properly and that when he could show me any proof or disclaimer that wasn’t provided anywhere I could find… not on their contract, literature or website, that I would consider paying for the install or a negotiated reduction of the cost to make up for the time I lost from work as well as the pay while I sat around for them to show up. He did call his guys to tell them to install the system but as I found out later, they didn’t charge the lines with Freon, which necessitated calling out another air conditioner service company to add the necessary Freon to make the system work. I paid $152 for that service call just because they failed to complete the install. For almost three years now I have never heard back from One Hour Heat and Air to provide me with the disclaimer or any justification that I could understand and agree to make payment.. .they have simply ignored the situation and therefore I felt that they had decided to honor their implied guarantee because of their numerous missed appointments. I received a letter today from their lawyer stating that they were going to sue me to pay the full amount plus court costs if it went that far and yet still refuse to explain their broadly boasted policy of an on-time guarantee or that it wouldn’t cost a dime. I contacted the attorney, and tried to explain the story to him but after a few minutes he just got mad and extremely rude and started just demanding payment or a settlement offer or some way to settle this out of court. He also refused to go back to the management at One Hour Heat and Air to ask them to provide the company policy disclaimer. He just wanted my payment and that was it. I feel that if a company is going to erect billboards, paint their building and all of their vans and trucks with a motto that they are “Always On Time or you don’t spend a dime” then there is an implied guarantee that they will meet their scheduled timeframe or that the service would be conducted at no cost to the contractee. To this date, they still refuse to provide any justification as to how their implied guarantee isn’t really a guarantee and that the consumer has no choice but to pay up or end up in court. I do hope Scott can find some time to research this and provide some help here as well as raise public awareness that the policy this company boasts isn’t actually honored and that the consumer should beware of what they are getting with the big print even when there is no fine print disclaimer. .

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