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Published: 13 January 2018

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I interviewed with Dave to set appointments for him for an industrial coffee machine to place in donut shops, convenience stores, etc. He bragged and bragged how he had built a huge insurance business before but this was his baby now and he had huge plans for it and was his future. His contract said if he stopped doing the business, he didn’t owe anyone money, but I didn’t think anything of it because of how devoted he said he was to this coffee thing and how he invested so much into it. He and his wife promised they’d give updates every day on the leads that were turned in. That turned out to be a lie. Any time I asked what was going on with my leads, they were extremely rude and said they were “too busy” to tell me what was going on with the leads I turned in and to quit bugging them. There were many lies after that too. After one sale, I heard, “It’s getting installed tomorrow” for over a week. Many of the leads would sit there for weeks with no one calling them…..and he had a team of salespeople to call on them. He also had a bunch of telemarketers calling the same people over and over and didn’t care these business owners were having 10 different telemarketers call them. Then suddenly, I got an email saying, “I decided to quit. According to the contract you signed, I owe you nothing. Don’t contact me anymore.” Yet when I did contact him asking about the money I was owed, I was told I was”emotional” and to never contact him again. My guess is most people would be “emotional” after working for over a month and getting zero money for it and then, on top of that, basically told to go to hell. I also guess this was his plan from the start. It made no sense to me at the time why he would hire so many telemarketers and salesmen at once. If he had all the experience he claimed, he’d know hiring such a large number of people at the same time, with no infrastructure to support them all,would create nothing but problems. It’s pretty obvious he just wanted to flood the market with as many people as possible to get in a bunch of sales really fast and then “quit” so he could say,”Hey, screw you. You signed a contract saying I don’t have to pay you if I quit doing this” and keep all the money for himself. Why else would you put that in the contract, especially after bragging this was what you were going to do the rest of your life…..unless your plan was to get a bunch of sales fast and then quit and stick it to everyone? The fact that he’s amazed people are mad for working for over a month and not getting one dime for it proves what a psycho con-man he is. He actually acts surprised anyone would be upset for working for over a whole month for free and thinks we should just “get over it.” And when I told him I was going to out him for being a con man on places like here, he said he’d send his lawyer after me. I told him to go for it. Everything I’ve said is true. I would love nothing more than to see him in court over this. I bet the other people he screwed over would love to testify as well. I don’t know what his new venture is (for all I know he’s still doing the coffee thing under a new name), but whatever it is, anyone would be an idiot to believe one word the guy said. That goes for any boss, employee or client. He’s a pathological liar. He truly has no conscious or morals, which is ironic because he kept telling me not to trust this other person because, according to Dave, he was “very shady.” It’s the very definition of projection.

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