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Published: 12 June 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been a LONGTIME paying member of , Better know as OLS . I have been a member for over 10 years , a paying member at that. This site has continuosly allowed members to post inflamitory issues on their site that is both offensive , and vulgar. The moderators on this site have a god like mentality that REFUSE to be questioned or corrected . I have personally been the victim of them MANY TIMES. Posts and threads by members will be deleted without any type of reasoning , and without any warning . Apparently for some type of rule violation . Yet when other listings are pointed out that are breaking the rules are mentioned , The moderators refuse to do anything about it . The moderators are Rude , Vulgar , and down right condescending when being asked about the rules. They will and do ban people , simple because you challenged the unfair , discrimitory practices. Moderators that have continued to show this unfair treatment ? KBsocial , and Karen__246 , and GTBuzz . These 3 in specific , Not only have created some rules , But they refuse to hold EVERY member to them . Some are allowed to break them , others are not. KBsocial asked me ,,,,,,”” What , are you some type of crybaby fag “” , when I complained to her about obvious rule violations. This is just UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!! karen_246 , and GTbuzz , other moderators did NOTHING about this. As for the Owner , Brent Riley . He has given the moderators full control whether they are right or wrong , to treat his paying customers anyway that they choose. As an owner , You would think that they ( moderators) would be held to some sort of standard . But they are not .

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