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I was not impressed with the poor quality of training equipment and the rude staff.

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Published: 27 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Orangetheory Fitness is not a professional fitness facility. Staff members are not qualified for their fitness jobs. The poorly kept fitness place is run down, and customers are scammed into signing membership fees.

Coaches are not trained and don’t follow diets or train professionally.

I don’t need a membership at Orangetheory Fitness and not at that high price.

I would not want to lose money and at Orangetheory Fitness that is what happens when on a membership. The fees are a rip-off and if not used daily and is a loss.

The company, Orangetheory Fitness, is after people’s money and force you into signing for membership and when you refuse to sign up, they become nasty toward you. I don’t approve of their scams.

At Orangetheory Fitness I had a bacterial infection on my foot, and this started after a shower on the premises. I regret having a shower. This happened from a poorly cleaned shower. The facility is in bad condition and is not clean. A lack of cleanliness, and customer’s service, and knowledge of Orangetheory Fitness is how staff members choose to run this company.

The Orangetheory Fitness are liars and want to get customer’s money into their pockets with no refunds. The cost of joining is tricky with Orangetheory Fitness. They often went off the topic of cost with me just to get customers to fall into their web of lies.

The shady costs are when the customer doesn’t use the membership. There are no refunds and signing out of the membership is most difficult to customers.

The poor communication between Orangetheory Fitness members and the customer is an issue. The charges on membership continue even when it is not used.

Everything about Orangetheory Fitness looked good in the beginning, but when you get into the company you will see the true side of the members.

I experienced bad customer’s service at the company and will not recommend Orangetheory Fitness to any persons interested in the scam of this company, will not go back there.

The poorly managed company has ruined any positive feedback from me., and I do not recommend below-average companies to friends and families.

The lack of professionalism and communication skills is a problem at The Orangetheory Fitness.

It is a disappointment and a discouragement to have to go through such an ordeal.

I did not sign up the free trial from the lack of trust I have for Orangetheory Fitness. The staff members are rude, unfriendly, not pleasant and lack concern about their customers.

I am dissatisfied with Orangetheory Fitness and for their expensive membership fees.

The trainers are not qualified, and they don’t encourage workouts for customers.

Instructors don’t assist in workouts and that is a shame for Orangetheory Fitness. I don’t recommend Orangetheory Fitness for the expensive membership fees and hidden costs when not used daily. The fitness place needs upgrading and to suit the needs of the customers. Orangetheory Fitness is not fair to their customers and doesn’t prioritize customers’ services.

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