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Published: 04 July 2019

Posted by: The Imperial Monarch

As a former employee in the mattress world of Los Angeles, take extreme caution who’s going to be your retail salesman. For anyone looking for a new mattress in Southern California, beware this bad boy by the name of Ken Gituma (photo attached). Last I checked, he’s working for Sit N Sleep or perhaps back again at Ortho Mattress. Be very gracious you stumbled upon this review cause it’s going to save you the hassle of getting told, sold and closed by an overly aggressive shady salesman. Shouldn’t you decide what mattress is best for you? Regardless what you WANT, he’s going to dictate what you NEED instead and close you on the spot regardless. You need time to think about making an expensive purchase? Hesitant to spend thousands of dollars on the spot? Need to speak with the spouse before you decide together? Wanted to look around first because this is your first stop? Lol boy are you in for a treat! Sit back and hold tight but please allow me to start from the beginning. I applied for Ortho Mattress on Craigslist back in 2013 and was quickly contacted by the regional manager David Fleischman. He’s another carnival ride that needs to be exposed so i’ll save the best for last. Hired quickly and was directed to training in Santa Monica store 9 on Wilshire blvd. I was the first to get there and Ken arrived shortly after to unlock the back door. He’s the new hire “trainer” by the way. Saw me standing there and completely ignored me. He took a deep breathe as to say, “Great. MORE new hires. Here we go again.” Not even a hello or a good morning as I approached him. Very cold and awkward so I introduced myself and stuck my hand out to greet. Barely gave me a glance and replied, “Hey.” The look on his face was alarming. He didn’t give a [censored] about me OR his job. Let’s get this charade over with was the attitude so I knew problems were ahead. Can’t blame him for hating to train new hires cause Ortho Mattress goes through employees like cheap condoms. During his 2 week “training” course, I had to endure utter buffonery at its finest. Remember that one class punk in grade school who felt they were special and tries to goose feed others regarding their delusional views on religion, politics and society in general? This idiot makes up his own selling regime like a fanatic Muslim. Very hostile and here’s an example. First thing out of your mouth when a customer enters store is this, “What size mattress you looking for?” Proudly boasts that it shows authority and the salesman is in charge! Saw how he presents to customers daily and it’s pure comedy. There wasn’t a single day that goes by without a fight. Took a piss while he was with a client. While in bathroom, another client came in very briefly and soon left. He blames me when I came out. He goes, “You missed a client! Could’ve been a tempurpedic sale! You’re never around when help is needed!” What kind of a veteran salesman needs help juggling 2 or more clients at the same time? You can’t even take a piss without him finding a way to blame you. Here’s my favorite part when we’re scheduled to work on the same day. He calls me half an hour before he shows and asks me if I can vacuum his floors. He’s at the store 5 days a week and never bothers to perform his own duties. Specifically waits for me and wants me to do it on days we’re paired. So here’s going to be your experience if you’re mattress shopping at Sit N Sleep (or Ortho Mattress) when he’s on shift. Once he determines your mattress, you’re going to decide whether you’re going to buy or need time to think. OVER HIS DEAD BODY! NOT on his watch. He already decided that you’re going to buy TODAY and he isn’t going to take NO for an answer! Here are few of his busting your ball questions. Ahem. “What is there to think about? Didn’t you say you needed a new mattress? Isn’t that why you’re here? You’re going to buy a mattress regardless so why not this one? I mean at the end of the day, what’s really the difference from this mattress and others down the street? You’re already here, right? What’s preventing you from deciding RIGHT NOW at the moment? Is it the price? Is it the mattress? Am I not giving you a good deal? If not, we can pick out another one so what’s the problem? If you express hesitation then expect [censored] to escalate because he’s all about winning and NO is not in his vocabulary. I’ve seen full blown arguments between him and customers about buying his mattresses NOW. Goes something like this. “I mean I’m trying to help you! You said you need a mattress so here we are! I can help you pick out another one! Look I’m giving you a great deal! Ok fine, let me toss in a few pillows! How’s that? You need a bed frame? I’ll include that as well! I’ll even waived out the tax! Ok look, my final offer is free shipping. We got a deal?!” If you say NO to all that then you’ll really be asking for it! If he’s like that with customers, try to imagine how he treats co workers. Especially ones he thinks he’s in charge of. Anybody who walks out without buying a mattress, he demands an explanation cause it’s all considered my fault. If I did my job correctly, they would’ve bought on the spot. No excuses. “So what happened there? Well why didn’t you do THIS? Why didn’t you do THAT? Well you should’ve said this or that! How come you didn’t get me?! I would’ve been able to close them!” Always getting accused, blamed and criticized as long as customers leave without making a purchase became a daily routine. Don’t even get me started on the amount of trash he talks behind your back. If he does it to the employees, you bet your sweet behind he’s doing it to you the instant you leave without making a purchase. Seen and heard it all first hand. Here’s a bit of a relief. On how he got FIRED! He screwed up a sale somehow and basically had a mattress delivered without collecting payment. Some lucky owner received a brand new mattress worth over 2K and money was never even collected. Talk about the mother of all screw ups. So that was the end of Ken Gituma at Ortho Mattress. But now you can enjoy his hostility at Sit N Sleep of Southern California! Who’s prices are just as high as Ortho Mattress if not higher! Ladies and gentlemen. Kindly allow me to give you a secret. The world of retail mattress stores are dying. FAST. Their prices are literally marked up 4 to 5 times of manufacturers cost. Let me break down why it’s marked up so high. You the consumers are not only paying for the mattress, you’re also paying for the stores utility bills, employee wages, profit for the company and profit to the manufacturer. They’re so ridiculously expensive, we use to have vendors stopping by and complaining about our prices because nothing was being sold! That’s where the salesmen would get blamed for not knowing how to sale instead. Brilliant. I personally got written up as punishment because my sales were too low for their standards. Never mind the fact that I was stationed in a rat hole filled with poor selection of merchandise, giant cockroaches, moldy ceilings and dead mice in the parking lot. Don’t believe me? Check out this YouTube link here regarding roach infestation in their stores. Let’s hope your mattress comes clean and bug free! www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iRTJ69dJ-M Ortho Mattress N. Hollywood, .ca. Cliff McKinley seems to think it’s in your job description to vacuum up roaches.. Has the regional manager in the San Fernando valley.. This is not the only store that’s like this either. www.youtube.com Many mattress companies are going bankrupt because shoppers are becoming more sharper in selection and prices. Every walk in customer I took basically identified the mattress they want and immediately went online to compare prices on their smart phones. Right in the store! Took no more than a few minutes and they walked right out. Can’t blame them considering online is where the best prices are. DUH. You buying a mattress from a retail store is you basically getting robbed. The corporate way. It’s way overpriced and a complete rip off. Not to mention, online has all the best selections available where actual retail stores don’t even carry. Bottom line is THIS. The online Mattress in a Box industry is dominating and killing retail stores. They’re all super cheap and just as comfortable. Most have free shipping, free trials and free returns. Not to mention money back guarantees and complete hassle free warranties. Mattress in a Box online is basically ordering take out and getting free delivery. Instead of going to a expensive restaurant with limited portions, high prices and tip, you’ll have the same goods delivered right to your doorstep for absolutely free! And if you don’t like it, they all take it back for free! Retail mattress stores NEVER did this! Last I checked, they don’t take returns but offer a one time exchange. If you’re still not satisfied, then you’re stuck and kiss your thousands of dollars goodbye to all the shady salesmen operating those stores. Math isn’t difficult here. High prices in retail stores and getting hustled by hostile salesmen like Ken Gituma isn’t a great deal. Rather, it’s you getting screwed. Memorize his picture attached at the bottom! Why risk buying a mattress in a retail store you potentially won’t like by someone you won’t like? A complete waste of time, effort and money. And to realize he’s mouthing off behind your back for not buying his mattresses on the spot is insult to injury. I’m not getting paid to write this so all these details is coming from the heart. They put me through hell and customers as well. How I so wish a review of this nature would’ve been around prior to me applying for Ortho Mattress. I can finally state that I take great pride to present you this experience. Retail stores are dead and everything is online. Online Mattress in a Box saves you the time, price and all the unwanted hassles. Most importantly, saves you from the likes of Ken Gituma! Beware and good luck!

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