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Published: 25 July 2019

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After the 2013 hail storm in Georgia, Owens Corning put up gigantic billboards up and down the interstates in Metro Atlanta touting the whole Platinum Contractor & Warranty Program. Unfortunately I bought into the hype, I got bamboozled (conned, false advertising) first by the Platinum Contractor and then by Owens Corning Corporation, let me start with the Platinum Contractor and then explain what appears to be happening with my Platinum Warranty. I say ‘appears’ because Owens Corning Corporate leadership won’t confirm or deny what the Platinum Warranty will cover. May 2013, a Platinum roofing contractor sent a flyer to my house promising a “HAAG Certified Roof Inspector” would come to my house and give me an estimate; I have the original flyer and business card. Whom did the Platinum roofing contractor send out, a young man with a work background in car sales; I pulled up his resume on LinkedIn and sent it to Owens Corning Headquarters. The young man came out, climbed up on my roof, and then came down to write up an estimate and eventually a contract that the Platinum roofing contractor never intended to honor. During the conversation with who I thought was a roof inspector (car salesman), I pulled up the Owens Corning website where the “car salesman” sold me on the Owens Corning roofing products and more importantly the Owens Corning Platinum Warranty. Then he went on to promise the Platinum Roofing Contractor would provide a crew of long-term experience salaried employees to do the roof, no worries. Whom did the Platinum roofing contractor send out to my home to install the roof, a group of hourly workers who drove up in an unmarked van with “Jackson County” license plates and no supervisor from the Platinum roofing contractor. Point of reference, Jackson County GA is approximately 150 miles north of my home and my home is 35 miles north of the Platinum roofing contractor’s business. I found out after the fact that the Platinum roofing contractor’s company only has two (2) employees, the President and Secretary of the roofing company (brothers). That is per the President and Secretary of the company, and per the BBB under additional information. How can Owens Corning certify a roofing company as Platinum if they do not have full time experience employees to do the work? This Platinum roofing company is based in Griffin, Georgia, and also doing business in Florida, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas; they were in Kansas but bailed, see the BBB for Kansas City. And don’t get me started on the Platinum Roofing contractor’s name dodge; Owens Corning has them on the website under one name, which is the name they let the contract with me and had me write checks to. Found out later that the name is not registered with the Georgia Secretary of State, not licensed as a DBA or trade name in the City of Griffin or Spalding County where the business is located. Very sketchy, which will prompt a call to GA Department of Revenue and the IRS. From the start the Platinum Roofing Contractor never intended to honor the Platinum Warranty, i.e., install my roof per the requirements of the PPC (Platinum Preferred Contractor). Where it states the PPC, shall & must install new metal drip edge, step flashing, and/or give me the homeowner the full benefit of the Warranty by using 6-fastners so that the roof would withstand the 130mph. The workers that put on my roof did not even follow the follow the minimum technical requirements for installing Oakridge Shingles, per the Owens Corning technical sheet. I paid $11k for this mess and it still hasn’t been registered with Owens Corning. I even had to days off from work to monitor their install of my siding. They admitted in court that house wrap was required per code and that had I not stayed home to monitor the work the siding would have gone up without house wrap. Owens Corning got a copy of my HAAG Roof Inspector’s report citing the discrepancies, and I sent additional pictures to the Owens Corning CEO (Mike), Attorney (Joyce) and their Roofing Specialist (Mel). Owens Corning leadership told Mel to call me, we spoke for nearly two hours about my roof and that is when he inadvertently shared that waivers of the Platinum Warranty requirements are supposed to be “transparent” to the homeowner. Yep we the homeowners, the customers are deceived into thinking we are getting the full benefit of the Platinum Warranty housed out on the Owens Coring website. But apparently if the Platinum roofing contractor wants more profit Owens Corning leadership waives all of the requirements leaving the homeowner with a Warranty covering defective shingles. If they blow off or leak because of install issues, oh well that was probably waived and the homeowner finds out when their claim is refused. What a shame, what a sham. Add to that mess that the Platinum Warranties are in a state of constant change, and versions are not available on the Owens Corning website. My attorney had to get a copy from the Owens Corning attorney. So where am I today, not only do both my hot water vent and furnace vent leak when it rains, but the workers manhandled the hot water heater exhaust when taking off and putting on the new shingles and ended up pushing the exhaust vent up against the deck and then shingled/nailed it in place. Now I am stuck living in house without hot water for fear my roof will catch on fire, and I cannot operate my furnace it rains. Picture it, a 55-year old female who has to climb up into the attic to lay out plastic to protect the furnace every time it rains. It has been 1 year and 4 months of a living nightmare and all because I believed the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor and Warranty hype. Went to court and the Platinum roofing contractor, and their attorney told the jury that Owens Corning waived all the requirements the Platinum Warranty that it could be issued and that in fact I had a warranty and just did not want to pay the balance owed. Not so, the contract was for $13,914 and was due in full when the job was completely finished, per their contract. They bullied me and I went ahead and paid them $11k, but withheld the final payment $2,834. I wanted my two leaking vents and fire hazards fixed, removed the big glob of black roof cement on top of the shingles and old hail damaged flashing at the front of the house, install the new metal drip edge and step flashing (platinum Warranty requirements), fix the last piece of damaged siding, replace the end cap when putting up the gutters, replace the starter shing installed incorrectly that left decking exposed and getting soaked, etc. So I wrote to the Owens Corning CEO (Mike) and an Owens Corning Attorney (Joyce) asking, if I the homeowner who paid $11K for a roof could possibly get a copy of the wavier email/letter and also a copy of the amended Platinum Warranty which shows me what is no longer applicable. Again this prompted a call and email from Owens Corning Roofing Specialist -Building Codes (Mel) who after an almost 2 hour conversation ends with, let me talk to Corporate I will be in touch, and he promised to call to read the “Owens Corning waiver email/letter”. It was during this conversation that is when Mel let slip that the wavier process is supposed to be transparent to the homeowner, I said really. To date nothing from Owens Corning, and Wednesday November 26th, I sent a third request to the Owens Corning. The third request went to the CEO (Mike), the Owens Corning Attorney (Joyce) and Owens Corning Technical Roofing Specialist (Mel) asking when I, the homeowner who paid $11K for a roof which still is not registered can get a copy of the wavier email/letter. Asking whether I the homeowner can get a copy of the amended Platinum Warranty, to show me what is no longer covered. What a shame that I went with the Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, I should have gone with Lowe’s that is a corporation that honors their word and commitments. If Owens Corning Platinum Preferred contractors and Warranties are so great why the bait and switch after the homeowner signs the contract. Remember per Mel (Owens Corning Technical Roofing Specialist), shared that the ‘waiver process’ is intended to be transparent to the homeowner, keeping us in the dark. Certainly fits my definition of false advertising, the great bait and switch. This is all very disheartening and expensive for me, having to pay thousands for an attorney to defend my interests and then find out in court that Owens Corning ‘may’ have waived away all of the Platinum Warranty benefits. Apparently, Owens Corning has “circled the wagons” and I cannot get a peep out of them. Therefore, I have to look forward to more money being spent to appeal. In closing, do not think for a minute that it is only happening in Georgia with this one Platinum Roofing Contractor. Read kudzu, read BBB complaint for Owens Corning (Headquarters). Everyone needs to call or email Owens Corning CEO and the Board of trustees to find out what your warranty really covers. Then contact your State and Congressional Representatives and Senators, your Governor, and the press. Better now then when your roof starts to leak, take it from me. Very disheartening when people seek to intentionally deceive.

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