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Published: 26 May 2018

Posted by: DavidT.

After coming across several variations of your post(s) in regards to a friend of mine, her adult child, and a venue I enjoy I finally was intrigued enough to click the link provided and check out your Twitter feed to see what this was all about. There it was bam right in your Twitter bio (you know the one to entice followers) and it was there that I saw “RABBI.” Now this left me thinking about an excerpt, I read once about Jewish law”s in response to “the evil tongue, ” as slander called in the article and how it has gone from just “strong disapproval” to “imposing real communal consequences” and a little ditty stated in the “Holiness Code” about going around as a tale-bearer, but I am not of the Jewish Religion so what do I know. Intrigued to learn more I quickly came across your site titled “Pace Vegas” where within your hero the statement you write that you have been “doing online media and marketing for over 20 years and earned the reputation of having a high standard of ethics.” A high standard of ethics as a writer, within media research or as a Rabbi? A high standard of ethics like netiquette as in rules of acceptable online behavior or as in ethical norms in research such as knowledge, truth, and avoidance of error, you know the one that prohibits against fabricating, falsifying, or misrepresenting research data? I will just leave that there. Also Facebook proved interesting where it states “the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and the Law Enforcement Action Partnership… and Studied Computer Networking & Security at the University of Massachusetts Amherst” and then the ANIA site states “Pesach “Pace” Lattin is the original hacker” which proves interesting and includes a business card for the Department of the Treasury, United States Secret Service… so considering this you should know better and know the laws and with a 160 IQ you should know better. After taking a deep dive into the above I am left with a handful of afterthoughts on the subject, for example why would you Tweet that “Goth is what happens when white people really don”t have anything band in their life but just wants to mass murder people?” Do you even research, oh never mind your Twitter bio states “media” research. Let me help you out with this one: First of all the goth scene does not belong to one identify the screen does not give a rats ass what color your skin is. Secondly, gothic is a style of music that grew away from punk rock in the late 1970s (bands like Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees to name a few of many). Third, there is also a style of dress that comes with a gothic lifestyle just like with Christian goths, cybergoth, rockabilly, emo, punk, mods, rockers, greasers and the list can literally go on forever. Fourth, just because your gothic does not mean you worship Satan again there are Christian goths. Fifth, gothic fashion google it. Sixth, gothic movement google it. Seventh, goths are not always doom and gloom, the culture is much different from what you”re making it out to be, its a way of expressing yourself to your liking. After reviewing the above why or how would you assume “meth crowd” and continue to state “goths culture is pedocentrics” (which is like me stating Clinton is part of the pedophile ring) who “blow up schools and kill kids?”This comes off so “Florida Man” so everyone in Florida is… and the “one Muslims is bad” so all are bad [censored] or again with the “blowing up schools.” I am left thinking you would assume everyone that shops at Walmart is on and appear as such. I am left thinking you throw around slang statements so freely such as “meth crowd” without understanding crystal meth addiction treatment, statistics, and facts, and the signs and symptoms and that just randomly grouping people as if you are Jack Kerouac and your playing chess with the beat generation. Besides the child you are reposting a photo of is 21 and an adult… Worse is you did not stop with this Tweet you actually went on to make accusations that I will not repeat because they are truly horrid and exhibit manipulation tactics of a narcissist, sociopath, a straight up toxic person that slowly sucks the life out of others. To top it off you tried to play it up as a joke about the gothic lifestyle to the venue but not apologizing sincerely to the person. Might one assume that you have no clue what a sex cult is let alone what BDSM roleplaying is outside of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Might I suggest you attend the California Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles 2019 and do some research on some other topics? The parade travels along Santa Monica Blvd. from Crescent Heights Blvd. and while your there hit up a few clubs and talk to the people ask questions hit the clubs and yes this includes experiencing BDSM as a voyeur. Also, why would you write someone stating “you probably don”t know who I am, but ask around I destroy people for a living, and don”t blink” as if you are Steven Moffat writing for the Doctor Episode the “the Weeping Angels?” This leaves me asking myself would a Rabbi state “they destroy people for a living” as if you want to destroy the city of Sodom. Only toxic people try to destroy others, make others feel ashamed, confused, and even worthless. And on top of all the above, you go on to gloat about the about your audience sharing your defaming posts. I know from your Twitter bio where it says “Media Research” that you probably know all about the psychology of sharing digital media posts and why content goes viral which leads me to come to the conclusion that you defamed a mother and her adult daughter to trigger content for engagements as a marketing strategy. In the end was defaming a person and contacting their place of work defaming them even more counts as a social media engagement faux pas with the posting of a personal rant and unsolicited opinions with a touch of private information all in the name social media engagement to only apologize to the venue and not the person(s) involved, therefore, crossing the line. This is what “doing online media and marketing for over 20 years and earned the reputation of having a high standard of ethics” with the teachings of Rabbi amount to. It should go without saying that what is posted online can also be reposted and continue to live long after the original message has been retracted and/or deleted and that defamation hurts all involved. False accusations are more traumatic than actual bad deeds. With the understanding that not all actions need a reaction and I realize this you will threaten to destroy me quoting “the Weeping Angels” from Doctor Who. But it would not be right if I did not comment, I would not feel right if I did not comment.

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