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Published: 14 June 2019

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I was asked to take someone in my home on respite and PPL would pay me.PPL assinged a facilitor to me and the consumer in my home.The facilitator never came to the home to meet with us like she was supposed to. She faxed all the paper work to me.I did all the paper work that was required of me and sent it in.The consumer was with me for eleven days.When i sent my time sheets in and didnt recieve a checki called PPL. from August 2014 up to today they tell me that the facilitator hasnt sent the consumers paper work through to medicaid and hasnt sent the rest of his papers in for me to be paid.I have had the consumers caseworker sending the facilitator weekly emails to resolve this problem so i can be paid.All she ever says is its not her fault it is PPL mistake. PPL refuses to give me a different facilitator saying to keep on her.Well five months of this going back and forth has got me no where, except being more and more upset and frustrated.I would suggest that anyone ever wanting to work with persons with intlectual disabilities to NEVER work for PPL.

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