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Published: 28 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My name is Rebecca Castle (Billy-Gwen Hightower now) and I am the owner of Castle Tower Frenchies and have been since 2006. In the almost 9 years I have been breeding Nothing but French Bulldogs I have never come across a woman like this. To start off I’d like you all to know the actions taken place in this ripoff riport happened between August of 2013 through November 2013 so I have had a long time to deal with, pray and reflect on the situation as a whole and I fill it is only right to make my statment now. The woman I am refuring to in this post is Christina Provastgaard of C-4 Bulliez & Painted Frenchies in Jefferson, OR and now Painted Frenchies and Engish Bulldogs in Jemison, Alabama. Before I go into the issues let me start by saying this post is not on how she takes care of animals but more on how she has no reguard for human life and is in no way a reputable breeder; with that being said she is most deffinatly a wolf in sheeps clothing. I meat Christina (Chris was my nick name for her) in August of ’13 when I was selling a few of my adult frenchies. We ended up making several diferent agreements on 3 or 4 of my frenchies and me being the good natured person I am I did not feel the need to have my friend put it all down on a contract; I thought I could trust her. Boy was I stupid… After only knowing Chris, her 3 girls and husband for two months or so Chris offered to allow my family of 6, all our dogs and all our stuff to move into her larger home on more land that had a second house on the land that would be up for rent in Jan on ’14 so it was know that we would all need to share a house for no less than 3 months. I was in a smaller home already with my family, dogs and stuff but was also looking for more land so my dogs could get out and run more often. Christina pushed for my family and I to move in with her and her family by Oct 1 even though I wanted to wait till the middle of November to make the stress of two families under one roof less and I really wish now that I would have said something about how I felt way back then but I didn’t and ended up with a whole heep of issues. I chose to keep my mouth closed and just go with the flow. Well that was a HUGE mistake. Now I am not one normally to be confrentational so when I am faced with conflict where I live I just keep to myself and my room. Well that was a huge open door for her and her kids to just be worse and worse as the days went on. Well long stoy as short as I can make it; Christina and her family were so nasty to mine in the 1 1/2 months leading up to Thanksgiving that we ended up finding a friend to do it with instead of her, her family, her friend and her friends family too. I had even offered to buy and cook the whole meal but she wanted nothing to do with it. She allowed her kids to mosh (jumping around while running into whomever is close to you while yelling and making other loud noises) right on the other side of my bedroom wall when I was sick in bed with penmonia trying to sleep. She allowed her girls to pick on my kids ALL the time as well as stealling from my daughter and teaching my daughter that her toys would only ever be safe if they are never shared… When I moved into Chris’ house I A.I.ed 3 females for her as well as doing my North Star (a red fawn pure bred AKC french bulldog she still has to this day) with the agreement of getting a puppy from each of her girls I bred and half of North Star’s litter because she was going to keep her after this breeding. Long ugly story short I NEVER recived 1 puppy and/or dollar for ANY of the A.I.’s I did for her. NOT ONE… She changed agreements and hid puppies and lied so many times that to be honest I cant even remember how many different “contracts” we should have had between us. She even went as far as to ask me if I would let her use AKC papers I stil have for a sold and a dead dog on a litter she was having so she could finally have AKC frenchies… When I told her I was not willing to use my papers on her dogs she got just down right evil! I AM AT FAULT for not getting everything in writting however upstanding breeders don’t act like that and I had no idea she was not who she said she was! I can go on and on about how we were treated and the things that were done but that is not what this post is for. .

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