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Published: 15 October 2019

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A lot of us want to develop our career in the affiliate marketing sector. But, the drawback lies in the fact that if you aren’t careful, you will eventually be stuck and incur a huge loss in your business. You can always reach out to experts to give a boost to your affiliate marketing career.

Pallab Ghosal claims to be one of the best affiliate marketers in the world. He says that he has given a boost to many people’s affiliate marketing career. Despite his claims and various promises, it is still to be noted if he provides proper services or not.

Pallab Ghosal promises that he has created a wide range of affiliate marketing solutions that can help you earn around $200 daily. This really sounds interesting and profitable. Eventually, this course has helped to bring about changes in the lives of online marketers. So, you may come across a lot of people who claim to have earned money from Pallab Ghosal’s affiliate marketing techniques.


What does Pallab Ghosal do?

Pallab Ghosal, along with his partner, claims to provide the best of all affiliate marketing techniques. He introduced his product, Affiliate Quick Cash in the market. With their product, they claimed that they have already found out the secret of affiliate marketing.

This can act as the easiest way for you to earn money. They claim that their technique can bring about a great change in the business for people who failed in online businesses. The course suggests that if you have failed, you can try. In their book, they claim that they will show you different methods to bring about traffic to your business and lead to profit. The book suggests that they have a secret, and nobody would tell you about it. So, they want you to purchase the book so that you can notice a boost in the business.


What is Affiliate Quick Cash about?

Affiliate Quick Cash is your gateway to success. The sales page of the book offers a wide range of claims, and it will eventually make you want to reach out to it. Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash ensures that you get success in the online market if you are failing to manage in the market.

If you haven’t yet got success in the internet marketing career, Affiliate Quick Cash can’t be of any help. But the book does not have anything great but small techniques and basics only. It is the same old thing you have been trying and testing. Honestly, it is a waste of money. There is neither anything new nor any twist.

Another claim they make is their book contains a secret that will help you draw traffic. This is an entire lie and false claims. The book contains no such factor that will surprise you with the contents. If you check the reviews of the book, you will surely be annoyed for most of them are negative. Even the beginners are aware of the claims they make. If you listen to my advice, neither should you pay for the course, nor should you get it for free.

Pallab Ghosal has introduced a variety of steps online on affiliate marketing guaranteeing success to you.


Should you get Affiliate Quick Cash?

If you want immediate success in the affiliate marketing, then you may be considering Affiliate Quick Cash. Also, the way they have been presenting their product online, anyone will get lured by it. The first impression you would have about the product is that it is the best way to get success in the internet marketing career.

One thing Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash has been telling everyone is that no one wants to reveal their secret. Well, this is an entire lie. You will come across a lot of websites which will provide you complete review about tips and techniques. The information on the website is pure basic knowledge, and all the claims they have been making are false. If you are trying to find something informative, it is better to avoid Pallab Ghosal.

To attract the attention of the users, Pallab Ghosal said that his secret vault, a convincing method of promoting affiliate products is transforming the market. According to his claims, the secret vault can help you beat the top sellers and eventually rank high.

They have introduced several claims on their sales page saying that their product is for everyone who wants to learn. Eventually, Affiliate Quick Cash does not bring any major change in your business. On their sales page, they make it appear as if everyone, even the experienced ones, is liking this product. However, if you try it on your own, you will surely be dissatisfied with it. The course generally contains a basic introduction and not in-depth research.

The course entirely contains a basic introduction of himself and what affiliate marketing is. He demonstrates how to draw traffic, increases sales, makes a commission, and so much more. However, I wasn’t surprised and hoped that they would keep on introducing new techniques. But I was disappointed when their secret vault contained nothing but basic technique.


Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash is an entire let down. 

Why do I say such things about the product?

It is not that I have something personal against Pallab Ghosal, but his entire thing appears to be nothing less than a scam. I wouldn’t hesitate even for a bit while calling him those. I had paid to get the product since I was facing problems in getting my affiliate sales to the top. As soon as I paid for the product, I was offered upsell as well as downsell. I refused to get them. Once I got out of the upsell and downsell box, I get to access Affiliate Quick Cash.


So, what does Affiliate Quick Cash contain?

Since Affiliate Quick Cash came so much in the forefront, you may be wondering what is so special about the working. Well, there is nothing special or marvelous in Affiliate Quick Cash, but a bunch of information you are already aware of.

Affiliate Quick Cash contains a set of basic information, such as the following

  • What is Affiliate marketing? How does it work?
  • Why choose affiliate marketing as a career?
  • Tips for finding the best affiliate marketing offers around you.
  • Brief introduction of the money-minting machine
  • List Building Legacy
  • Best ways to bring about irresistible affiliate marketing commission
  • How to promote your product perfectly in the market?
  • How to get extra cash with each affiliate marketing promotion?
  • Tips for building cash through secret traffic source
  • Build your commission list from the beginning
  • The places where the pro marketers go wrong and aren’t able to manage the affiliate marketing promotions.


Basic Internet Marketing Techniques

I wouldn’t even hesitate in telling you what basic information Affiliate Quick Cash provides. All the claims that they have made on their sales pages are nothing but lies. Right after reading the description on the sales pages, you may think that you are paying for something really good, but it isn’t worth it all. Affiliate Quick Cash is supposed to be by some of the leading names such as Eric Larson, Dan Ashendord, James Knight, and Pallab Ghosal.

Despite being from such great names, it is entirely bogus and disappointing. To reach out thoroughly, Pallab Ghosal has completely curated Affiliate Quick Cash, in association with his other partners.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Aren’t all of us aware of what affiliate marketing is? Anyone trying to develop a basic career in affiliate marketing is already aware of it and do not need any more information regarding it. If you are an amateur or a beginner, you may find this piece of information helpful. However, the truth is far from reality.

Anyone who is experienced and already in the field does not need any brief introduction of affiliate marketing. This is nothing less than a waste of time. Pallab Ghosal actually defines WHAT AFFILIATE MARKETING is, in his course. My only question is how this piece of information can be helpful for someone who is already in the field and trying to improve sales.

Internet Marketing isn’t a joke and requires immense focus. If you have moved past the basic level, you will always look for ways to improve. Several websites can help to boost your business. Since the internet is filled with e-courses, you tend to believe it. That is exactly what Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash does. He tries to lure you in with a bait when the lake does not contain fish.


How to get a account? 

Another piece of information that I found in Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash was about how to create an account on Any experienced person would know what is and how it works. However, it would only be the newbies who won’t be aware of how works.

When you visit the website, you will eventually find it easy to sign up. You don’t need to pay any extra fee to learn how to sign up on the website. However, if you are still confused about how to sign up, you can watch YouTube videos as well. This will make everything easy for you. WarriorPlus.con charges you extra money to tell you about something you can do for free.


Get your account on

JVZoo is one of the most famous digital marketing platforms. If you have digital products, you can choose to market them via JVZoo. Through this platform, it is easy for the sellers and affiliate marketers to promote their digital products.

JVZoo has one of the biggest marketplaces for their online products. Irrespective of your niche, you can get everything in JVZoo. JVZoo marketplace deals in different categories under various platforms where thousands of digital products are listed.

All the experienced affiliate marketers are already aware of Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash gives you an introduction about and how to create an account in it. I mean which experienced person would need such information? When I checked their sales page, they claimed that Affiliate Quick Cash is for all, from beginners to experienced ones. However, I did not find the website useful at all.

Affiliate Quick Cash is your basic introduction to affiliate marketing and nothing something special. The course entirely promised to be beneficial, but I don’t see anything through which I can benefit.


How do you find the best-converting partners?

Converting partners have an important role to play when it comes to affiliate marketing. Almost all affiliate marketers look for ways to find converting partners. Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash provides information regarding the converting partners. However, this is entirely unimportant if you aren’t convinced about it.

I wouldn’t mind saying that Pallab put in really some precious time of his life in creating Affiliate Quick Cash. He puts the entire information to describe how affiliate marketing promotion works with partners. It is this that he refers to as his “secret vault.” Well, this is something all affiliate marketers are aware of. He claims that his secret vault will keep the marketers on top. He calls it one of his best promotion techniques. Honestly, I do not think that it is as useful as he claims to be.



Pallab Ghosal, after giving a brief, basic, and informative content, pushes out to some technical aspects. In another section, he explains how autoresponders can be of great help to your business. He clearly explains the importance of autoresponders in Internet Marketing generation.

He introduced his audience to autoresponders, but once again educates them about affiliate marketing. He further explains how to draw traffic to the page by squeezing page and building a list. An affiliate list in complete sequence can help to bring about a significant commission for your product. Moreover, this technique, as he claims, can be helpful for the future affiliate promotion offers.

In his Affiliate Quick Cash, he also explains about the opt-in pages and their importance in affiliate marketing. The complete information about list building things is something that most of the affiliate marketers are aware about.


Pallab Ghosal charges you for free information

If you check Pallab Ghosal’s Affiliate Quick Cash, you will find that most of the information he provides is easily available on the internet. Also, when you are accessing this information from the internet, you don’t need to pay anything as you do in case of Affiliate Quick Cash.

Rather than paying, you can easily access this information. If you still don’t believe how to let me tell you. If you are a newbie and want to know what affiliate marketing is. All you need to do is type the relevant information in the search bar. You can type “What is Affiliate Marketing?”, and there will be several results in the search engine page. All this information will be free. Google will provide you more than 30,00,000 results. Also, this information is much reliable and true. Believe it or not, the information is very much similar to what Pallab Ghosal provides.

Next comes “how to find the best converting products.” This was considered to be one of the most important parts by Pallab Ghosal. However, when you search for the same on Google, you will receive more than 200,000,000 results. Technically, this is a much better source of information as you get to access different websites and sources. Therefore, you get a valuable piece of information for absolutely free.

As far as creating an account on and is concerned, you can easily find the steps in YouTube. Different videos demonstrate the working of this account for free. Not only this, you can find other information as well as online for absolutely free.


Secret Traffic Sources

After all the bogus information that Pallab Ghosal provided I was really tired. But I wasn’t hopeless. I was really looking forward to something useful, the secret gateway of traffic. This is something they had already promised on their sales page. But, when I got to know what secret traffic sources he is providing, I was really disappointed.

The traffic sources that Pallab Ghosal provided were solo ads, banner ads, and email marketing. I mean, like seriously? I really need to pay for something I am already aware of. I don’t know whether I should be angry, happy, or frustrated.

They provided a wide list of promises. All are nothing but a fake.


I am frustrated

Pallab Ghosal made a long list of claims and promises. But honestly, he failed to stick to even one of them. I spent my entire money on something that wasn’t at all worthwhile.

Not only me, but there are a lot of others like me who have the same complaint. This person feels that it is okay to sell lies, and they find joy in it. People like Pallab Ghosal are nothing less than fraudsters and scammers. If you want to learn affiliate marketing, please spend your time in basic internet research, rather than believing this fraud person.

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