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Published: 24 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I hired Palmer’s Plumbing dba Ben Franklin Plumbing and Palmer’s Kitchen, Bath, & Beyond LLC on May 28, 2013 to repair an underslap water leak and repair the kitchen damages. We had dealt with Robert Freund’s contractor companies since 1978 and my family knew the owners Palmer and Helen Freund. Palmer Freund passed away in 2007 and Robert Freund took over his father’s plumbing and home repair companies. In April, 2013, the co-owner T.J. Myers resigned and left the company. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors failed to update Freund’s license status. The plumbing company’s contractor license had expired in April. 2013, and the company lost its bonding. The home repair company did not have the required Qualified Party that had passed all state contractor boards. In fact Freund’s companies were operating as Unlicensed Contractors the entire length of my plumbing and home repair job (May 28, 2013 to August 08, 2013). I was promised a 30 finished work schedule but after over 70 days I fired Robert Freund for Breach of Contract. The problems were: 1. Excessive Delays, 2. Unauthorized contract changes, 3. Use plimbing parts were used and job did not meet code. 4. House damages of a burned cabinet, broken tiles, deated waterhearter, cabinets drawers not properly spaced, and mold removal not done coreectly because it was not contained. 5. I reported over 60 incidents of poor workmanship to the Registrar of Contractors on my January 17, 2013 complaint 2014-250 (plumbing company) and 2014-251 (home repair company). After I fired Robert Freund I was threatened by his employee Derrick King who demanded the remaing $3,800 outstanding from the nearly $14,000 already paid to Robert Freund’s contractor companies. I refused to pay him because of the Breach of Contract and substandard workmanship. Mr. King threatened me twice on the phone stating he would do anything to get the funds. I asked him if that was a threat and he said yes because I would not want to know what he was going to do. Mr. King refused to return my house key and alarm fob. I filed Police Report on August 08, 2013. I sufferred the following criminal damages: 1. Water line to kitchen sink was crimped, 2. The electic lines to my sprinker systems was cut, 3. The motion detector lights were disabled, and 4. All four tires on my car were cut and slashed in such a manner to go flat when the car was driven at a higher rate of speed (that was attempted murder). Two more police reports were filed. I filed and was granted Injunctions against Harassments on May 09, 2014, on Robert Freund CC2014-080145000 and Derric King CC2014-080186000. Judge Gerald Williams stated our crominal damages “went to pattern” because of the telephone threats I recieved and the fact that Derrick King had a violent criminal past. I filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General 14-01841 on February 10, 2014 against Robert Freund for breaking the following laws: 1. ARS 32-1151 Not having a valid contractor’s license, 2, ARS 13-2002 Submitting forged documents to the court on their lawsuit, 3. ARS 32-1129.01 Breach of Contract, 4. ARS 13-1202 Threatening and intimidating phone calls, and 5. ARS 13-1602 Intentional criminal damages. The Arizona Registrar od Contractors closed my complaint after the ROC investigator, Stephen Lawton, said it was one of the worst contractor poor workmanship problems with the most harassements the ROC had ever seen. However, after 5 1/2 months of the ROC investigation the ROC closed my complaint because I refused to allow the contractor access and repair my home. The police said I had the right to protect myself becaue I feared for my life with The Castle Law. The ROC Inspector barred the contractor and his employee from my home to protect me and my family. I even hire a retired policeman who guarded us at the time of the ROC inspection in case Robert Freund and Derrick King showed up. The ROC has denied my Rights to Protect myself and even ignored the fact that the ROC inspector blocked the bad and dangerous contractor from my property. In fact Robert Freund was operating as an Unlicensed Contractor during my home repair job and had no rights as allowed by law to inspect and repair my home. The Arizona ROC was just lookin for a way to avoid work and failed to protect me. The Arizona ROC failed to help me achieve the justice I deserve. The Arizona ROC is allowing a bad and dangerous contractor to continue to operate. I wrote Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on July 14, 2014, asking for help from Travisty of Justice. I listed six Citations that should have been issued by the ROC and the fact that Robert Freund should have his contractor’s license Revoked. I have received no return reponse. I posted “The Arizona Registrar of Cotractors is Failing the Arizona Homeowners” in the Internet and called for the firing of the ROC Director Bill Mundell for his many mistakes which was highlight by last year audit by the Arizona State Auditor, Debbie Davenport. This was printed in the newspaper on July 27, 2013 as “Contractor registrar faulted fior ineffiniency by Howard Fischer of the Capitol Media Services. Arizona elder abuse and fraud is dramactically increasing and the state officials are doing little to stop the problem. Robert Kin prays on the elderly with bad workmanship and threats and allowed to get away with his crimes. The Home Owners Associations in the Sun City Areas, PORA and SCHOA, no longer recommend Robert Palmer’s companies because of the many companits they have received.

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