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Is Panda research a Scam or they truly pay you?

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Allan

There are many people out there that look forward to earning from the online survey companies. But how far they are safe, there lays the big question. People living in Texas may have heard of the renowned company Panda Research. I also though this will be a lucrative way of earning money as they offer $50 when the other companies manage to pay much less such as $10-$20. I was lured by my friends who said this will be a great way to earn from wherever I’m. At that time, I was also doing through a tough situation when I was actually unemployed and looking ahead for an immediate way to earn. I have got a family to run. But at that time, I was not totally aware of the Panda Research. I’ll not say I didn’t have doubts but yes, I had no other choice than sharing my PayPal details with them and looking ahead to earn more money.

But where’s the problem…

There are a series of problem that you need to understand. Well, the company might call it the norms, you’ll call it hurdles. I found that Panda Research stands out the crowd and it has strategically designed the whole paying stuff.

When the other companies are ready to pay you after you answer a certain amount of question Panda Research will do it lately. You might find the other companies are paying less, but at the same time, many of them are offering the money much before than companies promising to pay $50 and more like Panda Research.

Their scheme is simple…for example if the companies offering less amount of money can start paying you $20 after answering 20 questions. While Panda Research promises you to pay $50 after answering 100 questions and more.
There are many people are out that will turn out frustrating and will stop answering the questions after some time. Companies like Panda Research enjoy the benefits of not paying them anymore. This is how these so called online surveyors earn more profits by not paying the people and sell the data to their clients for better marketing prospects.

What about the payment?
You’ll be shocked to know the truth about their payment mantra.
After working for several hours on their site after registering, when time came, I asked for the payment, but from then onwards, they stopped responding. I was actually sitting back and waited for the email which never came.

I also grew headstrong about seeing the dead end of it. I straight contacted Better Business Bureau by mailing them at their Chicago office and they started intervening into the situation. Most probably, Panda Research is not acclaimed by BBB, still I took the chance and clearly mentioned that, I’m actually harassed and they are not paying me the money by providing them with all the relevant references they need to undergo the process.
BBB, contacted me and asked me few other questions and cross-checked whether my allegations are viable or not and they didn’t say anything after that. I almost waited for a week and almost lost the hope of getting paid from Panda Research, I heard from BBB and the Panda Research that was ready to pay me the money.

Why was I harassed?
Panda Research harassed me like anything. Why shouldn’t they be punished? Why should anyone start campaigning against them and make other users aware of such a scammed company wasting people’s time and money.
I’m actually pissed off by them and I hardly care whether they try to whitewash the whole thing. I later on found that like me, there are several other registered users who were terribly harassed when the time of payment came.

Where lays the trust factor? Should Panda Research be trusted? NO NO NO
Are you looking forward to enroll with an online marketing company such as Panda Research, think twice? Do ample research before you actually go for it and register your name. You may not have to worry about it later. It’s better to opt for the low paying companies with the goodwill of paying the users without creating any hassle. In fact, you also have to work less and earn steadily with similar online marketing companies.
Don’t get entrapped by these cheating data mining companies that designs the whole stuff by alluring people by providing hundreds and thousands of dollars but you don’t know when they are actually going to show you the money.

If you can control your expectations and do what’s right and viable, you can possibly stay protected from scam companies like Panda Research. Don’t get enticed by their whitewashed apology content across the complaint sites, so far they have looted and cheated the hard earned money of many people. Stay Alert and be on the safer site. Check whether the company is accredited by BBB and other reputed organizations before enrolling.

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