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Panera Bread Review

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Published: 16 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Ok, so check it…I didn’t really understand the hype for Panera bread and didn’t really feel that by eating there would somehow fill a void by any means, however, I decided to go there one day. Every visit there that I’ve made there either solo or with my boyfriend has sucked terribly. It is extremely expensive and the quality is sort of good, but today trumps them all. I ordered some brothy noodle soup($9) and a half turkey/cranberry sandwich($2.99, but somehow it was rung up at 6?). Not sure how that spectacle happened but already at $15 for my order, my bf orders a half sandwich and half soup. We order 2 fountain drinks and the total is $30. Whatever, im excited to have some delicious soup. A waitress comes out with a bowl of previously frozen edamame, some noodles that looked like there was mold on them, spinach and a broth. Delicious right? So worth the $9. The half panini sandwich had spinach, I think maybe a cranberry was in there and what looked like cat food regurgitated. Stay away from Panera Bread. Its a f****** overpriced poophole. .

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