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Published: 19 June 2019

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My wife was trying to sell the house of (K) to the buyer (A) and me . (A) her Attorney had to get involved later thanks to Tim, I will call him (MI). The electrical contractor, I will call (J).

 (A) came to the foreclosure house I was trying to sell for (K). It was obvious that there was water damage in many area’s of the home and most likely mold, but he didn’t disclose that even though under California laws, which Tim have to disclose material facts.

(A) put an offer on the house with the seller (K) to do certain repairs. One of the repairs was to replace the HVAC system because it did not work. Tim decided to use his own guy that he use in the past. (I believe Tim might have been getting kick-back) Though I found 2 other HVAC companies that were $2200 less then my guy, Tim in my opinion, decided to rip off the seller (K), even though she didn’t have much money to pay for the extra cost of the HVAC. When I told Tim and emailed me him my concern that the HVAC owner was trying to rip off the seller and that I should let (K) know about it. Tim told me he would tell her, but he lied and NEVER told her. Tim never told her that the HVAC owner was witnessed by the electrical contractor (J), who saw that in his opinion, the HVAC was trying to bait and switch the seller (K) and the buyer (A) with an inferior HVAC system and he was hoping they would never go on the roof to discover it. (J) was taking pictures and the HVAC workers contacted their boss, who now had to pay the workers to remove the bait and switch unit, re-rent to crane to hoist the HVAC unit to the roof (approximately $600) and have it re-installed again. Apparently the HVAC owner panic and he brought the correct unit in his new truck. As the crane was being lifted, the unit slipped and crashed into the HAVA owner’s truck back window. Glass was all over the place. I told Tim about this and I also told Tim to let the seller (K) know that there is lots of glass in her driveway. Tim was also told the the HAVA guy is most likely going to absorb those cost buy inflating the bill, which he did by $2,200. 

During the final walk through, I in front of the electrical contractor (J), the buyer (A), and another contractor who was checking to be sure their ducts were properly cleaned out, and the buyers agent, asked Tim why he NEVER told the seller (K) about the HVAC owner trying to rip her off. Tim kept telling me he did tell the seller (K). I so busted Tim that he got so angry and started to pack his stuff, even though the final walk through wasn’t complete. He turned beat red. Amazing how everyone in the room knew Tim was lying. I told Tim t that he was the reason for all the delays, not the seller (K). I am right since the buyer (A) law office was heavily involved in getting the transaction done since it had taken 3 long months. 

Tim even tried to screw the electrical contractor (J) by telling him the escrow company will pay him for his bill. When (J) came out to assess the electrical work that needed to be done, which included the main panel and doing the necessary repairs so that my HVAC guy could install the unit. The bill was going to be a lot more then the original quote, but it was necessary. (J) was going to put a mechanic’s lien on the house but was told by the buyer’s (A) agent not to because it could mess up the who deal and I reassured the buyers agent that (J) would get paid for all of his work. (J) emailed me and said he was not going to do the remainder of the work needed unless Tim guaranteed him he would get paid. Tim told him to contact the seller (K) to ask her, which isn’t what Tim is supposed to do since he represent the seller (K). Tim desperately told (J) that he needs to finish his work because his HVAC guy is coming out that day to install the HVAC unit. Later, Tim tried to screw (J) by saying he never authorized him to get paid for the additional work, even though there are emails saying the opposite is true. Even after closing of the house Tim refused to pay (J) his $200 permit fee that was required. Tim told (J) that he never submitted his bill to escrow and (J) needed to collect from them, which is impossible because all of the money was already distributed out. (J) has emails that he did submit the $200 to me, along with the other 2 bills, We the buyer (A) will be sueing Tim for this as well. “We believe is one of many reasons Tim did not want my seller (K) to be in contact with the buyer (A) and her myself. (K) ended up getting a flat tire from the glass that the HAVC owner caused by his broken window that shattered all over my driveway. The next day I emailed my concerns to Tim and (K) had to pay the extra $2,200, Tim was supposed to be saving the seller (K) money but instead cost her more.

The buyer (A) had to get her real estate law firm involved with the transaction, Her boss (MI) was pissed at me because Tim kept delaying the sale of the house that took over 3 months to finally close when it should of only took 30 days. Tim kept blaming the seller (K) that she didn’t have enough money to do all the repairs, even though I could of taken less of a commission like the buyer agent did to get the deal done. I also could of made sure the HVAC bill wasn’t inflated by $2,200. (A) attorney (MI) wanted a meeting with Tim because he wanted to let Tim know that there will be legal ramifications if the transaction doesn’t get done due to the foreclosure pending soon. Tim made up some excuse why he didn’t want to drive from Ventura to Westwood. Tim didn’t even try to meet somewhere else. 

Tim delay’s and lying has cost the buyer (A) over $43,199.00. She had an interest rate of 3.625% with a closing credit of $4050. Thank to my delays, the buyer (A) ended up paying a higher rate of $3.75 and with no closing credit but instead had to pay over $3100 at the time of signing documents in escrow or she would loose the house to foreclosure.

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