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The scooter I got was in bad condition.

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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Service is up to no good. I don’t like old scooters.

The poor quality of scooters and unfriendly staff are not what I expected from Papa Scooters.

I did not have a comfortable ride on the scooter.

The rental place Papa Scooters are not reliable for their services.

There is parking for scooters, most of the parking is occupied by other people shopping at other places.

Free parking is not always available.

Papa Scooters are not punctual on delivery of scooters.

Staff are not pleasant and are not efficient.

I am disappointed in the customer’s service of Papa Scooters. They failed to respond to my request. The scooters are not well-maintained. I requested for a 6-seater and got an 8 seat. I was not impressed with that response.

The booking is not easy too many details required of you.

Papa Scooters pick up and deliver the scooter but are not on time as needed.

They are not accommodating, unfriendly and scooters are not in good condition.

The lack of communication did not allow the scooter to be delivered on time to the hotel.

The gas didn’t last three days.

No helmets and old scooters are not the best of results from Papa Scooters.

Papa Scooters don’t return calls or messages immediately. The company is not the place for good service and immediate responses for when I need to get around Key West.

It is not easy with Papa Scooter to rent what you want to get around the island.

The scooters often need to be fixed and is an inconvenience to customers.

I was not happy with services, staff for not friendly and for the poor communication.

No value for me from Papa Scooters.

Impolite staff and not well-trained to work at Papa Scooters.

The scooter is not for bumpy roads and needs to be updated. I needed the scooter for a week and Papa Scooters failed to pick up after the week. The staff had forgotten to pick up the scooter from the hotel.

The fees are not the same for everyone.

Scooters need repairing and Papa Scooters is not a professional team.

Renting a scooter sounds convenient but is a hassle with Papa Scooters.

You won’t find a friendly face and a reasonable deal for quick services.

The scooter wouldn’t start, and Papa Scooters had to change it for another that works. It is an inconvenience when the scooter doesn’t work, and I relied on it for traveling around the area.

There aren’t many scooters in good condition. No friendly people and often scooters break down.

I won’t recommend Papa Scooters for the lack of reliability, bad services on scooters and with customers, for the poor quality of scooters, no punctuality and the lack of communication skills.

It doesn’t work out well when scooters break down when in the rental. I wanted fast, reliable good customer’s service and a scooter that won’t fail on me. I did not get that from Papa Scooters.

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