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Published: 28 October 2017

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I have absolutely nothing good to say about this company…Avoid working for this company at all costs. I was hired in April of 2013..After working only 6 months I was done with them. The reasons you may ask? So lets see where should I start. 1. Equipment…If you care at all about your CSA score on your license DO NOT under any circustances work for this company..There wasn’t a single trailer I ever hooked to that would pass a D.O.T. inspection. Had to replace at least 2 tires everytime I hooked up either from being flat or as bald as my head. Half the time the trailers had non functioning brakes. Whether they were out of adjustment or not having any shoe thickness left. Also you would be lucky if the tandems would slide without you having to play mechanic. They have prepass but you will never pass a scale unless they are closed. At least I never did. When I heard through the grapevine that the D.O.T. was investigating them and was ready to shut them down because of their CSA score. I WAS GONE!!!! 2, Freight…If you like sitting and waiting on a losd,always having late pickups and deliveries,not making any miles or money,and then being blamed for their incompotence then this is the company for you. 3. Pay…Oh that’s what I’m trying to make by being here…Without getting miles because I’m sitting waiting on a load or getting a piece of junk trailer fixed I guess I will not be seeing any of that. My tractor broke down in Ottawa Illinois and was sent to the international dealership there…Guess what you don’t get breakdown pay till after 72 hours. After that it’s a measly $52 a day. My truck was there 10 days. Luckily the motel they put me up in had a fridge,microwave,and a grocery store within walking distance. So at least I almost broke even on feeding myself… 4. Hometime…Home what’s that? Granted no matter where you work hometime can be problem. But I didn’t see home but once in 6 months…Everytime I requested earned hometime I was sent in the opposite direction,or given some lame ass excuse on why they couldn’t get me home. I guess they took Metallica’s song Where ever I may roam to heart. Where ever I may roam where I lay my head is home. 5. Disrespectful…I have never in my life worked for a more rude disrespectful bunch of people. Send a message on Quallcom and wait,and wait,and wait. So you decide to call them to get a problem resolved and get put on hold and wait,and wait,and wait. Then when someone does pick up they don’t want to listen and are rude and cuss you and talk down to you like you are a total idiot… Before going to work for this company I had hauled gravel for 5yrs working for a owner operator. Driving his 2000 Mack tractor with a 13 speed tranny running a over 500 horse power engine and pulling a 45′ frameless trailer. In 2008 when he retired I went to work for the gravel company he hauled for. I worked there till 2012 when I was laid off. Being tired of seasonal work I decided at that time to give long haul trucking a go. Now granted driving a tractor trailer dump truck with only a 45′ trailer around town for 12yrs doesn’t count for anything when applying for a over a OTR position with a company since it’s not a 53 footer. Even though most of the time you set your tandems at 40′ to 48′. I understand because you don’t have the tail swing you have with a 53 footer. Which leads me to the next problem I had with this company. 6. Liars…I knew I should of turned around and left from the moment I got there. But I needed the job…I was told by recruiting that because of my previous local exp. that I would be brought in as a 1st seat driver at $.36 a mile. That all changed the moment I arrived. Instead they told me I was going to take a refresher course with a trainer. This was even before I took the road test. Fine I’m not a know it all plus the man had as much OTR exp. as I had local.After 2 weeks with the trainer who was a nice man. I made a friend and we still stay in touch to this day. ( 1 of only 2 nice things I can say about this company) I came back to the terminal looking to get my own truck…NOT!!! Now I’m back at the terminal and they decide that they are going to have a trainee and myself run teams for 90 days. This is not what I signed up for but I need the job so be it. I ran the 90 days with this man and ended up making a friend in the process. We still keep in touch to this day. This is the 2nd and only other thing good I can say about this company. After all that I get my own truck. But instaed of $,36 a mile I am told I will only make $.30 a mile. Instead of 2200-2500 miles a week I get 1500-1700 and spend between 10 hour breaks and waiting on loads more time sitting than moving….So after a month or two of that I’m done… I ask for a load back to the terminal to turn the truck in. (ON QUALLCOM) I’m told to take the truck to a truckstop near my home and to turn the keys in at the fuel desk.(ON QUALLCOM) That they will send someone to recover it…Fine it’s your truck and I will not have to ride the grey dog home. This past March 6 months after leaving this company. I recieve a latter from a law firm saying that I owe them $3450.00 for a recovery fee on this truck. That if I don’t pay them they will put a abandonment on my DAC report… This is the most DISRESPECTFULL,LYING,BUNCH OF BACK STABBERS I HAVE EVER WORKED FOR.

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