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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Rick Chino

Rehabilitation treatments and programs are as eccentric as the person in need and the disorder they suffer from. The purpose of the rehabs is to reinstate the patient back to normal conditions whether the condition came as a result of injury, illness, surgery, substance abuse or any disorder. Many rehabilitation centers have come up in the community to help those suffering restore their lives to normal. Unfortunately, some of these pathetic rehabs are a taint to rehabilitation service providers.

The Passages Malibu rehab is one of the rehabilitation centers that purvey meaningless treatments. I am cramped with sorrow and fury when I recall what I passed through at Passages Malibu rehab. Exceedingly, other people have also agonized under this bootless addiction treatment facility.

This rehab wins the client’s interest to visit them through their decorative website with charming pictures and phony treatment assurance. Patients travel from all corners of the world to seek addiction treatment from this amateur. Discouragingly, they land up to regrets and finally relapse. The Passages Malibu websites have been a glamorous lure for those seeking rehabilitation services. My disappointing incident at Passages Malibu remains to be the gruesome story of my life. I want to keep the society aware of this appalling rehab. Through this article, you will realize that Promises Malibu rehab is not qualified to render addiction treatments.


About Promises Malibu Facility


The Passage Malibu is also known as the “Passages Malibu Addiction Treatment Center”. This is a pay dirt addiction treatment center located in Malibu, California street address 6428 Meadows Ct, zip code 90265 United States of America. Passage Malibu rehab was established by a father and his son, Chris Prentiss (the father) and Pax Prentiss (the son).



Who is Chris Prentiss


Chris Prentiss is the co-founder of the Passages Malibu addiction treatment facility. He is 78 years old. Chris has helped men and women along his son Pax to recover from addiction. He has penned down guidebooks with the addiction information that he uses to teach people on seminars. The name of his of is “Be who you want, have what you want”. He is an ex-real estate developer. Chris Prentiss has no formal knowledge in the medical profession or addiction treatments. He helped Pax Prentiss his son to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.


About the Co-founder Pax Prentiss


Pax Prentiss is the son of Chris Prentiss. He is the CEO and co-director of the Passages Malibu rehabilitation facility. They say, Pax’s addiction evolved a breakthrough to start the addiction treatment in Malibu. He was hooked up on cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and alcohol for more than 10 years of his life. During his addiction condition, that is, the early 1990s he did strange and shameful things like thieving, cheating, lying, conning among other illegal actions.

Pax and Chris Prentiss tried all they could to rebuilding Pax’s life. Finally, they created their addiction program that helped him regain his sobriety. Pax says that he is now 12 years sober, but that is to be doubted. Marijuana has harmed him so he still acts like an addict. He is so aggressive, rudeand always talking nonsensical things. Pax Prentiss is a single father to his 12 years daughter.


Addiction Treatment Methods at Passages Malibu rehab

The truth is that the addiction treatments at the Passages are poor and unprofitable. They proudly say that there are only 16 treatment methods provided at their unplanned facility. These 16 treatment methods include acupuncture, acupressure and massage, art therapy, adventure therapy, chemical dependency counseling, blood chemistry analysis, continuing care, marriage and family therapy, hypnotherapy, meditation therapy, psychotherapy, physical fitness, sound therapy, spiritual counseling, yoga, and Tai Chi.

The life purpose counselors at this facility are not qualified and hiking with them is just a waste of time and energy. They also have less knowledge about meditation and yoga. The psychotherapists at this rehab are few and unavailable. They appear once in a month and tackle their part in a hurry. Their chemical dependency counselors have less knowledge of anything to do with the physiological effects of drug and alcohol abuse. A single is repeated for a whole week acquitting the same information and activities.

On the Passages Malibu website, they lie to people that their program is not 12-step based. The bitter truth is that clients are forced to take part in nonsensical groups in the name of a one-on-one program. This program is directly proportional to the 12 step group therapy. In this one-on-one thing, everything done there is pointless. A lot of senseless arguments sometimes result in physical and mouth fights between the patients. The only thing heard in these groups is “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic”, “addiction is an incurable disease” and “once an addict, always an addict”. These slogans are so discouraging and destructive to those serious seeking addiction treatments.


The Passages Malibu Philosophy

At this worthless facility, they believe addiction is not a disease. They say addiction is the result of 4 causes. These 4 causes include “chemical imbalance”, “unresolved events from the past”, “inability to cope with current conditions” and “beliefs you hold that are inconsistent with what is true”.

The Passages Malibu fraternity suppose that anyone involved in drug or alcohol abuse does that because of one or more of the 4 causes. It’s really ironical that Passages approach the addiction as a treatable condition but on the other hand assume that the addiction disorder is not a disease. On their philosophy revolution, they say that their treatment program is non-12-step but individualizes the one-on-one therapy. This therapy is similar to the group therapy but much unproductive. They state this only to contradict those seeking addiction treatments. They aim to fetch as many clients as possible for their company’s success.


Their Bookstore and other Products

At the Passages Malibu bookstore, there are plenty of inspirational books, merchandise, audio CDs and addiction treatment books. They have a popular book known as “Alcoholism & Addiction Care” (costs $14.95) written by Chris Prentiss and Pax Prentiss. This book has the details about Pax’s 10 years of addiction to cocaine, heroin, marijuana and alcohol, and the treatments that aided him to regain his sobriety.These are the same treatment plans used at the Passages Malibu addiction center. The treatment plan is unproductive to other addicts with a reason that Pax himself did not recover completely. His strange behaviors reveal a lot about him. Pax is quarrelsome and has a very coarse language which is a shred of evidence that he is still a few miles to sobriety.

There are dozens of books written by Chris Prentiss. Some of the popular books include “Zen and the art of happiness”, “The laws of love”, “and The little book of secrets among other books. These books costs between $12 and $15. The books have a sensible content that smartly manipulates those in need of addiction treatment to seek help from the Passages Malibu. At this rehab, business is their main agenda since they make money through some Passages clothing sales at $9 to $50. These clothing include caps and T-shirts with the name Passage and their logo.

They also make money through trafficking Passage products such as bracelets, double plated gold keychain, stainless steel red mug, Stanton BPA-free plastic water bottle, medium 2-tone tote bag, king-size towel among other products. These products cost between $9 and $70. Almost all of the mentioned products are included in the rehab fee. The truth is that the Passage Malibu are after making money from the patients but never aiming to help them overcome addiction.


Allegations made against the Passages Malibu Facility

The first allegation against Passages Malibu rehab was made by John Doe “Plaintiff”. John Doe is an ex-client of the appellant Grasshopper House, Limited Liability Company (LLC), doing business as Passages Malibu drug and alcohol treatment center. Mr. Doe impeached Passages Malibu after his admittance was terminated before the deadline. This was a result of his repeatedly violent threats against the possessor of the Passages Malibu facility.




John Doe pleaded that he had paid $200,000 admission fee but he was interdicted denied reimbursement of over $100,000. This sum included the unused period of his sojourn at Passages Malibu. He also said that Passages uses the word “cure” for advertising their facility which is a misleading and unlawful statement.

The second allegation against the Passages Malibu facility was made by Cynthia Begazo. She is a former Passages employee. Cynthia Begazo’s employment was wrongfully terminated after three months of working in the year 2015. Cynthia found a deceased male client under a curious context in a room during her 2nd month in the job. The supervisors did not report the matter to the police. Cynthia Begazo reviewed the employees’ files and realized that the nurse on duty that day was unqualified.

Cynthia pleaded that her supervisor stopped talking to her and sent other employees to carry on the projects she was assigned to work on. The jury made a ruling in the case in Cynthia Begazo’s favor, where she was awarded $1,829,160.


My Regrettable Experience at Passages Malibu

I feel so dismayed when I remember the extravagant and unremunerative treatments I received at Passages Malibu. Precisely I was addicted to the prescription medication of Ambien and Xanax. The addiction to the mentioned medications resulted in different side effects that caused discomfort in my daily life. Some of the side effects were nausea, stomach upset, headache, stuffy nose, fatigue, daytime drowsiness, weakness and dizziness among other irritating conditions. I so needed detox help to get my normal life back.

Passages Malibu rehab came into my mind because I had watched and heard about them on a national T.V advert. At then I already knew that Passages rehab is an extravagant luxurious rehabilitation center. Paying the admission fee was not a problem for me because I had spent a lot of Ambien and Xanax. In short, I visited them and was successfully admitted to the hope that my addiction problem would be solved. Little did I know that I was just wasting my time and money.

On admission, I was assured of comprehensive and individualized detoxification. The admission counselor told me that on my stay they will create a critical detox program and personalized drug detox following my medical history on Ambien and Xanax abuse. Next, I was told that the nurses are within the facility 24/7 to ensure that I am well-supervised, safe and comfortable. But all those were lies because the nurses were so lazy, and always absent especially on the night shifts. I sometimes had a severe headache and fever but no nurse was available to aid me except my fellow clients who massaged me.

During my stay at Passages Malibu, no one among their treatment therapists ever monitored my progress. My insomnia condition was becoming worse since I had stopped the Ambien and Xanax medication. I complained about the matter to the administration but they answered that they want to monitor my condition for at least a week. This was a big joke considering my current condition at that time.

The first week dropped and mind you no nurse or therapist ever attended to my assessment. I was so depressed and I lost hope of Ambien detox. I needed to get back to my prescription. I spent sleepless nights crying because my sleep was full of nightmares. In the second week I only attended one acupuncture session and a one-on-one program. At this program, I found nothing charitable to my condition. There was a mocking therapist who negatively complimented about my condition. He told me that during detox stress and boredom are common.

For heavenly sake, I never paid the expensive fee to buy stress and boredom. I needed to get addiction treatment. I felt emaciated and the next thing in my mind was terminating my admission. On that same day, Pax came to tour the facility. I knew he was the CEO of Passages Malibu so I found it necessary to talk to him about my condition and decision. I thought he would help me because the staff was so ignorant and uncooperative.

I even regret the day I spoke to the ex-addict Pax. He aggressively told me that I might be running mad talking of receiving a refund on terminating my admission. The arrogant CEO added that if I call off my admission he will quickly replace me with a new client. I had paid an admission fee of $95,000 for 30 days stay and I had spent 12 days. $95,000 was a great loss since Passages Malibu do not refund money on terminated admission. I accepted it’s a loss and decided to call off my admission at that useless rehab. My addiction life was great and sweet than the life in Passages Malibu.

After leaving that luxurious cave, I disposed of their dummy products to forget about the foul stay there. I am now enjoying my 7th month of normal life after visiting a pleasant, superluxury and seasoned addiction center.


Reviews from Disappointed Clients

On Passages Malibu commercials people are guaranteed that after treatments they will not relapse. They lie that addiction is “cured” at their facility. These statements have misled a lot of innocent people seeking effective addiction treatments who end up regretting their admission at Passages Malibu. People have turned to drugs and alcohol following different causes but they can’t get help at Passages because they are all about money.




The treatment approach at this facility is fruitless but so expensive. People have complained that Passages therapies aren’t comprehensive and do not get to the behavioral, neurological, spiritual or sociological cognition as those are the core treatments for addiction. Passages Malibu is a good place to stay dry for 30 days but not to get sobriety. Other clients have complained about the unfriendly staff, food, and accommodation.




Reviews from Former Employees

Not only have the clients complained about the Passages Malibu but also some of the former employees. The above-mentioned employees were disappointed in one way or the other. All the complaint from the ex-workers at Passages refer to the ignorant management staff. The employees at this company are mistreated and fired for non-logic reasons. The jobs at Passages are insecure.




The company owners are rare to be found within the premises. The employees are enforced to get Limited Liability Company (LLC) at $800 each. The management tries so hard to demount the workers’ dollars as much as they can. No wonder Pax has stated that during his addiction life he used to con credit cards.  The administration does not appreciate their employees who work for hand on hand with their clients.





It is sarcastic that Promises Malibu rehab says that addiction is not a disease nevertheless says that they “cure” addiction. Their statement is misleading plenty of people seeking addiction treatments. Those who seek treatment from this feeble rehabilitation center get frustrated and relapse. It’s hurtful that this objectless rehab is making money from vulnerable people who need solemn treatments.

Passages Malibu should be counted as an idle facility. Those endeavors to addiction treatments should visit any rehabilitation center but avoid this clumsy rehab. Do not be deceived by what you read or see on their websites. All information about addiction treatment on their sites is true but not provided at their facility. Do not go to Passages Malibu.

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