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Published: 23 June 2019

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Investment brokers are the financial merchants in the stock market. People have moved their interests in investing money over the years and the stock market investments have become very alluring and fascinating to see over the decade. The investment broker has been seen as a potential profession being in the stock market.We, unfortunately being human lack honesty and trust. This has contaminated all of our professions and works likewise the stock market too. The investment brokers have moved onto heights of melioration since the capitalist school of thought has started to thrive. Seeing the “investment broker” and the “stock market” as a place of cupidity; greed struck the people and they moved their interests onto its direction. They never tend to discover the fraudulent nature of this very profession it had developed itself intoand got stuck in it. The investment broker who was supposed to act as a channel between the investors and the market; turned for their profits in entirety.

Being in the stock market is no child’s play. It demands a clever mindset and plans so that they can counteract against the powers that are present to prey on them. Investing in the market can still prove fruitful, but considering the hoaxing, it has started to seem more difficult to survive. What we have seen throughout the brokers who have been accused, proven guilty or have been exposed is making fool of the investors and the common people with their so-called ‘convincing power’. What they have been doing is fraud, dishonesty, and deceit which are morally, legally and ethically incorrect. This hasn’t been the only thing that the investment brokers have been doing and held accountable for. Many uncertain accounts have been stated and discussed which are highly unlikely to happen. Among them was one discussed related to sexism and racism within the office.  

 This article intends to discuss another stockbroker Patrick Passarelle who works for an investment brokerage company in Florida named Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is itself a very stained name in the stockbroker companies and Patrick while being a part of this company has individually and corporately done a lot of ‘mischiefs’. Patrick hasn’t been accounted for only fraud and unprofessional behaviors; he has been related to funding overseas criminals and has money laundering. We’d be discussing in a very detailed manner of how he has been a part of these stated being an “investment broker”.


Misadvising Investors and Arrogance – The Broker Style

Morgan Stanley has been reported at a lot of places where it involved poor customer care and hoax. If we come to discuss them one by one, it would be taking a lot of space and time of our customers to help unfold the criminality they’ve been doing whilst being an investment broker company. Instead, the article would be very specific onto a single person who is a part of Morgan Stanley; and will unfold all sorts of stories that are peeked through the ears. Patrick Passarelle is a convict, a fraud and an arrogant man; if we are asked so about him. Moving on to discuss Patrick, we first discuss his “Broker Style” of misadvising and arrogance.

 Passarelle has been costing thousands of dollars to his clients who have come to him with the buying and selling of shares. It has been highly unprofessional to see the broker work out, or we might use the correct word, mess up with the shares of the client by being late overworking things out or by bidding low than the borderlines. In simple words, if it is explained; it shall be explained as a complete disaster of thousands of dollars by buying high and then selling low. It has been stated by a lot of customers who have interacted with him that he’s accounted for himself as a very good, competent broker which is unquestionably a complete brag. Yet, none of the clients working with him who have a ‘clean’ share have seen that incompetency. What they’ve faced from Patrick is arrogance and aloofness, which as stated by a client was beyond words. This is highly unlikely to see from an investment broker, or we might say, any professional person to act like this. Rather than the customer mocking the service seller; the picture is a complete opposite of it. With what the people have been quoting, we might find Patrick to be a person with a very small heart. Patrick, as narrated got fumed over the challenge of his methodology of buying and selling. He moves himself to blackmail the client. He makes more loss for the client under the name of blackmail when the client threatens to move his account to another location. This is what we might conclude from the narrated versions of Patrick, that he and his company have been completely deceitful and are very dishonest people.

In another place, there has been another narration of an event that was encountered by another victim of Patrick Passarelle and Morgan Stanley. According to what the client has to say, Patrick Passarelle had promised the client to inform of the downturn (which he didn’t afterward) and had made the client lose hundreds of thousand dollars in this drill. This wasn’t all from him, he asked the client to be patient overstaying ‘at the course’ and see how the market responds to it. Regardless of the wait, when it was being pursued with the management taken under trust, this was what they’ve had for the client. “To get any recourse in the matter would require us filing suit against Morgan Stanley, and even then it would be settled in arbitration.” This was from the very own Morgan Stanley, the renowned investment brokers that they cannot be beaten legally under any circumstances; hence they provided the customer with newer grounds for making the best result out of it. (Too weird)

The company never takes the nerve to correct their grounds but feel much capable to take into account the people using their services to ‘correct’ themselves instead of their employees. We can regard this nothing except as the complete arrogance of the company and their unethical and unprofessional behavior which they’ve been making up for their employees (regardless of whatever they do for them in times of need). They feel to have no obligation in either correcting their employees or even feel sorry about it. What we have seen in entirety is just unprofessionalism from a very renowned investment broker company and its employees. What it might seem to them and all the investment brokers out in the U.S. is the ‘Broker style’ they’ve adopted for treating their clients.


Patrick Passarelle in funding criminals

  Patrick Passarelle hasn’t been involved in making the fools out of the people, but the things have gone far too worse than we might believe. The person, whilst being in the company has become the very facilitator of terrorism. It might seem easy, but this work has fatal consequences and is far worse than expected. It isn’t only Patrick who are individually involved in these occurrences but is particularly backed by the company itself for executing the plans he has regarding funding the overseas criminals and criminals within the country and how beautifully they’ve to play the game while being in the cases.

The controversial nature of the Mary Giglia’s murder involving Kevin Kyle has some direct involvement of Morgan Stanley’s and hence Patrick Passarelle. They have been making the criminals move out of the scenes and flee away from the jurisdictions which might seem to be blunt in the case, but with the criminal probate proceeding and Morgan Stanley helping to forge paperwork and rob the family’s safety deposit boxes at Bank of America in Fort Myers Florida. This all seems very confusing but the company has been working in helping the criminals with the paperwork and helping them forge a situation where they can fly away from criminal justice. This might not seem monetary funding but it still counts as funding and aiding criminals. A lot of other stories need to be disclosed of how Patrick Passarelle has been, either by using the name of the company or vice versa has made it possible to fund a variety of criminals which a straight act of violence and has very clear laws over it. 


Patrick Passarelle and Panama

  Money Laundering is also among the heinous crimes apart from aiding the overseas criminal which our very own broker, Patrick Passarelle hasn’t left. (In tries to become a complete frondeur broker.) In the Panama Papers, Morgan Stanley has been taken up with the statements of owning offshore and onshore accounts which were directly linked to the Florida region, where Patrick Passarelle is present. It might seem very odd that Patrick’s name hadn’t been included within the leaks or any article making his image very clear out of the situation. Instead, it was Patrick’s manager, who has been accused and made accountable for the work. (For which he recently, according to sources, stepped down from his post.) Patrick remains at large; keeping him a threat for the people and the government.  Regardless of this, this has also been reported earlier in the news where the prosecutors who have been interrogating the case where a ‘former’ investment broker linked to company (The Morgan Stanley’s) has been found guilty of aiding a scheme to help clients (our very own Patrick Passarelle) evade tens of millions of dollars in taxes owed to the US. This is a lot, we must say, but a person who can fund criminals can do such things at ease. These cases are so delicate and deep, it makes us feel Patrick as a complete criminal. Investment brokers and the profession have turned out to be much threatening for people like us who want to invest in it, as a complete disaster. We assuredly question the presence of such people in this profession and regard accountability for such people at all costs. Patrick Passarelle and such agitators shouldn’t be set free as they are currently at the moment.  



If we talk about the investment broker we’ve been discussing for the past pages and the company he’s involved with; we might see stockbroking as a complete threat to the peace of the community. It feels so disturbing to discuss how they’ve been a part of money laundering, murders, and whatnot. Investment broking was something that seemed to be a matter of making more money before we encountered a person called Patrick Passarelle. We might not deny the cleverness he has shown in keeping himself the maximum out of the picture with all the negative critiques. This we might say is the beauty of an investment broker in the current stock market. Money can be blinding, for anyone who is in the game or wants to be part of it; but deep down we all have to get conscious about this. Investing money can be easy but with such circumstances; a person should think twice or thrice while taking a run for it. Meanwhile, with people like Patrick Passarelle present in the market, there is nothing except keeping ourselves away from it. But what we’ve seen from all the past discussions on brokers and the stock markets has gone inconclusive as they are the ones who have always gone through all the obstacles and have passed every legal call or case they’ve been set upon. They have been the king of the chess and have been untouchables for quite a while now. Even with all unfolding mysteries and discussions over how sadist the situation has been made by a certain broker, the stock market still rules with all investments and these brokers stay awake, waiting for their prey like they always have done, either today or a decade ago. The country needs to stand up against such evil and spam to make them safe from every fraud that is awaiting them in the future.




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