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Published: 22 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

People across the globe are working both day and night tirelessly, trying to make ends meet. At the back of our minds, the word success is written in bold letters to make us yearn for it. Everyone’s desire in this life is to excel and be among the many known multi-millionaires, if not billionaires. No sane person would pray or wish to remain weak until the end of his days on the face of the earth. When people startup businesses, they do everything to their capability to become business gurus. They will attend different educative conferences and book appointments with different icons who understand the business to the core. They will keenly listen to those speakers because they believe the secrets behind success will be unleashed.

People from different continents, religions, and ethnic groups come together to listen to different keynote speakers. Speakers are sprouting day and night like mushrooms as they are led by lust for money. Their internal desire of helping people governs the world’s best keynote speakers. Being a speaker is more of a calling than a profession or a career. Some people become speakers only when they are devastated by life’s challenges. When one opts to become a speaker, I believe he should love the people who he mentors so much and should rank them first. For Paul Artale, it is the exact opposite; he doesn’t love his clients as he takes them as a second priority. Under no circumstances would a speaker ever compare the people he mentors with anything in the world. He should keep his clients first because, without them, he will not gain even a single coin from them.

Paul Artale is one of the many unprofessional speakers in the world who are confusing the public. He should not be allowed to host any conference in the name of helping different people. This is because he lacks the knowledge that is required for one to be termed as a speaker. The fact that Paul Artale loves speaking does not transform him into a great speaker. He turned out to be a speaker is because he was born with some physical challenges. Most of the time, he speaks a lot of meaningless words that do not benefit anyone. I term his talks as noise and crap. Pau Artalel is talented in talking, and he should secure a vacancy in one of the media stations as an entertainer. I think he would be awarded as one of the best media hosts for making people glued to their televisions and mobile phones. People would be laughing their asses off as they listen to Paul Artale’s endless tales.

On social media, Paul Artale will post excellent posts that make a lot of sense. By so doing, he gets thousands of followers who think that Paul has great ideas that he would share. Who knows where he even gets the posts? Maybe his wife helps in coming up with the posts. The posts should never deceive you into reserving the front seats during his many conferences or booking appointments with him. You will regret wasting your resources, which you would have utilized well by donating to the needy children in different children’s homes. If not giving the money, you can as well save it for future use. 

At times Paul Artale comes up with conferences that are of no benefit to adults. On June 15, 2019, he arranged a storytelling workshop. Imagine a storytelling workshop, and yet you have to pay to listen to the stories. Guess what the stories are all about? He will be giving tales of how he was born with physical challenges, how his two years old inspired him, so he ended up writing a book. Also, he will tell you how he has become a coach of football in the university after being denied chances to play it when young. Then boom! The day will be over, and you will have nothing worth your time and money. The only things you will have gained are new stories.

More about Paul Artale

Paul Artale was born with a disability. His hands were short, and he missed some fingers. He should be grateful because there are people who are more handicapped than him, and they do not take advantage of their disability. Paul Artale is a husband to Sherri and a father of two (Alessio and Sofia) we say that impairment is not inability. Paul uses his disability as a tool to make people feel sorry for him, and as a result, they fall for his trap. He gets money from people because they pity his condition. His greatest fans are his family

One person cannot be talented with everything. Paul Artale is the type of person who wants to be associated with everything. Apart from him acting as a speaker, he is also a football player. When at the University of Toronto, Paul Artale was given the Bennett award with the claims that Paul avoided most of the obstacles when playing. He should save us from this bullshit because if it was not for his condition, I am sure he would be seeing other people winning the awards. This guy also participates in Karate at Shokotan, but it is not that he is good at it. The only reason he engages in Karate is to prove a point to people that he can also fight.

On YouTube, you will find lots of videos uploaded by Paul Artale. Those videos are not educational because they are only meant to get money when people view them. I highly condemn such videos because they waste people by making them follow the wrong paths. His YouTube channel should be closed, and all the uploaded videos are deleted permanently.

Books authored by Paul Artale

Paul wrote a book and gave it the title ‘The 2-Year-Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance.’ From the title, one is tempted to think it is one of the many books meant for children, and yes, it qualifies. This book has more tales than educative information. It should not be recommended to anyone who needs a life motivating book to read. Instead of reading this book, you would rather get a consultant to give you better advice. It would even be better if you researched what you want to know from social media platforms such as Google because it will provide you with lots of information. When you purchase the book, you will be wasting your resources and spending your precious time to read it. 

I even doubt who approved this book to be sold in bookshops. Maybe Paul Artale used his money to get his book in the market. ‘The 2-Year-Old’s Guide to Work-Life Balance’ book should be among the storybooks that are recommended for young children who like reading enticing tales. The book would make the kids love reading just as they enjoy watching cartoons. The reason being the story revolves around a child who is more or less their age. Therefore, the book has a lot of childish character. Paul should consider writing other publications that will be revolving around adult life because it will be more of life experience.

An encounter with Paul Artale

After completing my university studies, I thought it wise to start up a company. I wanted my company to be among the best in my country. I always dreamt of reaching greater heights. I believed that the sky would be my limit. I consulted my friends to help me out on the things I should do and the strategies I would layout before starting the company. Remember, two people are better than one. My friends did not disappoint me as they gave me millions of ideas. I gathered a lot of information from other different sources. One day as I was researching, I came across an advert by Paul Artale, and it attracted my attention. I read through the advert, which was inviting those who wanted to make a difference in their organizations. According to him, he would show you how to make your employees perform at their best levels. Additionally, Paul would give points on how to balance the time you spent at work and home.

Apart from starting a business, I was to marry in the same year, so I thought it wise to attend the workshop. I would get advice that would help me for the rest of my life both in business and in marriage. According to my thoughts, I figured that the workshop was among the few life opportunities that came once in a blue moon. In the afternoon that same day, I met with my friends at our usual meeting point, and I decided to share the discovery. After telling them more about the advert, some of them were against the idea of me attending the conference.

They told me that they have heard people complaining about Paul Artale, but I thought it was nothing but propaganda. I had already made up my mind. I had to attend the workshop with or without the consent of my friends. Nothing that they would say would make me change my mind. All their pieces of advice fell on deaf ears. To me, they were jealous of the successful person I would become after attending the workshop. I knew that after the seminar, I would implement everything I learned from Paul Artale.

I felt lucky to be among those who would attend the workshop. I had high hopes because I would learn how to create time for my young family. I walked to the bank and withdrew part of the money that I had saved. Later that day, I contacted Paul Artale, and I reserved a seat in the upcoming workshop. Over the phone, Paul told me that I had made the best decision ever because I would live to remember the conference. That day I slept smiling because I had visions of my success. I was eagerly waiting for the D-day. An hour seemed like a day, and a day looked like a month. 

When the day finally came, I wore my best suit for the workshop, and I made sure to keep time. I would not want to miss a single word. Thousands of people from different races attended the seminar. When everyone got settled, silence rented the air. Paul Artale came on stage and started addressing us with meaningful quotes. After a thirty minutes talk, he changed the topic and started giving us his life biography. The silence that was there during the start of the workshop was nowhere to be found. Laughter from every corner filled the air. Within a blink of an eye, I regretted having attended the workshop. I cursed that day when I saw the advert because if it were not for the advert, I would be somewhere else doing something better.i also wished I listened to my friend. I imagined the amount I wasted on transport, the food I ate during the conference, yet I gained nothing. After the workshop was over, I went home feeling robbed and betrayed. From that day, I never wanted to hear anything to do with Paul Artale as it makes me have painful flashbacks. 


It is sarcastic that people still follow Mr. Paul Artale despite him having negative impacts on changing people’s lives. It is high time when people should change their stupid notions of doing things so as not to cut the friendship. If you follow some people blindly, they will lead you to a pit where, after falling, you will have no one to save you. Get up and brush off useless friends who add no value to your life. After all, the world has millions and millions of people who are worth your time. Open your eyes, explore the world, meet new friends, and you will be amazed by the things you would never have seen if you stayed with your old company of friends. The only barrier between you and success is yourself. Learn to make personal decisions rather than waiting to be told what to do with your life by another person, and trust you me, you will be happy. You are the master of your own life, so do not be fooled by those useless speakers.










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