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Published: 06 January 2023

Posted by: Anonymous

My dad, who cannot see well up close, needed a new emailer. He can see the icons on pawpawmail, and he still recieves email from a couple of friends (he is 92). He started getting spam a couple of weeks ago. I left two messages on the phone number. Forget getting a call back. I sent the problem into the support address. No reply. PAWPAWMAIL SOLD MY DADS ADDRESS TO A SPAMMER. Pop just cannot use his email to establish new accounts. So, the only one who could have given out his is PAwpaw. Ince they never answer back, I assume they are guilty. After reading other complaints, I realize when pop dies, I will have to block my card or get a new one to stop pawpaw form charging it. The service works, but if you ever have a probem, you are screwed.

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