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Pay Half Club Looted Me with False Invoice and Hope of Increased Sales.

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Published: 15 August 2017

Posted by: Shirley D. Elizalde

Pay Half Club is the worst scheming thieves I have ever come across in my entire life!!Please do not invest your money in Pay Half Club. It’s a half-baked plan by a corporate douchebag!!Do not get fooled by their sophistication and professional attitudes. They are wolves hiding behind their corporate desks. In front of the world, they are a corporate firm who is working towards reducing your food bill behind they are thugs who want to scam you of your money. In case you plan on nabbing them down here’s their website and their address –
Contact information:
1607 RR 620 N, Suite 800
Lakeway, Texas
United States
For those who do not know, Pay Half Club is the newest startup running across the world. The lie which they are selling is customers will have to pay half the amount of the bill at SELECTED RESTAURANTS for a simple membership which will cost you about $30. There are not many restaurants out there which endorse the Pay Half Club scheme.First of all this membership does not include all the people you go out with. So what it means is, the bill reduction will only affect the dishes you ordered. Can you imagine the embarrassment this will cause! Now imagine you are out with friends. And when the bill comes, there are two separate bills, one for all your friends and a second bill just for you. All because you are a member of Pay Half Club. It doesn’t even include your family members!!! It only covers you as an individual.

Well I wasn’t affected much by the consumer side of things. I own a little cafe by the name of “Over the Top”. I was contacted by a representative from the Pay Half Club. She said her name was Elena, I highly doubt that. I was contacted because she wanted to enroll my cafe into their Pay Half Club. The plan she rolled out was to increase my customers by almost 50% of the current number. I was assured free advertising throughout the states by all media (Radio,TV,Newspapers). They even sent me a presentation for their whole plan. Now this lady had done her research thoroughly. I was very impressed by their dedication to the detail. She even showed me various demographics which they currently overlook. They even have an Android and iOS app for their club. It all seemed legit. I have to say I was overwhelmed by all this. Now here I was thinking how to increase my sales and Pay Half Club comes my way. I thought it was fate that put forth such an impressive opportunity. Little did I know I was putting my business in a sinkhole!!! The joke all along was on me.

In the scheme they had mentioned the first month of the scheme was free. The second month onwards I would have to pay a nominal fee depending upon the traffic they draw in. I was very excited hearing all this. The problem started when I received the same amount of customers as the months when I was not a Pay Half Club affiliate.

In addition to this I incurred a loss as some of them came through PHC and I had to cut their bill amount in half. I was still under the impression that the app is new so it will take time and anyways the first month was free.I decided to continue for another month.The next month also I received same number of customers. Now I didn’t see the point of me being affiliated with Pay Half Club, as it wasn’t boosting my business as they had promised. So I called them up to cancel my agreement with them. They told me an invoice for the current month was pending.

I would have pay it up before cancellation. But I had received no invoice from their end. I was informed I would get the invoice within the next 2 days. First of all the invoice came a week later and second the invoice was for $8000. Now I escalated this, I wanted to know on what basis the invoice was calculated. They claim to say all my customers that came to my restaurants in that month were through Pay Half Club. I knew this was scam then and there!!!

The data they provided did not match with the customers I got that month. Also if all the customers were through Pay Half Club, I would have had to slash all the bills in half. Now these have put me in a spot as I cannot cancel my agreement till I pay the false invoice of $8000 and I will have cater their services to the customers who have PHC membership. I am gonna file a lawsuit against them for reimbursement of all the damages incurred due to PHC.PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM, GOOD FOR NOTHING COMPANY!

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