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Published: 14 May 2018

Posted by: Emily06

I know this process isn”t an instant thing that happens over night, I understand that getting out of debt takes time, but this has gotten a little ridiculous. Earlier this year I started using Cash Net USA, an online payday loan company, because I was running behind on bills and needed a quick and easy loan. I paid all the payday loans with no problem, then they offered me a line of credit with them. Thinking that this would be a good way to consolidate all my bills is wasn”t. I thought that had I taken the line of credit and paid some bills off that I would be okay, I was wrong. I was being charged about $500.00/month and they had access to my bank account so when I got my check it all went out the window and didn”t have anything left to buy food or any essentials for me or my daughter. That $500.00 not only didn”t go to the original $2300.00, but it also went to the interest rate and any other fees that were applied. So from that $500.00 only about $200.00 was put towards the principal balance, and with the interest incurring everyday it was hard to get it down. I was finally able to get it down to $1313.70 and then I found and I thought it was an answer to my prayers. Unfortunately I think that I made a big mistake. You see the process of PDL Debt Assistance(aka Assurance, LLC) is that they tell you that they can lower your monthly payment tragically low and help you pay off your debt in a year. They did lower my payment to about $158.80/month instead of about $500.00. They also told me that it would take only a year and that the last day that I would pay would be in July of 2014, which again is fair, but what they fail to tell you is that the first six months of them collecting is for their benefit. They want you to pay them upfront over the course of the six months before they help you. Per my contract they will be receiving 40% of my $1313.70 debt with Cash Net USA, so that means that I am paying Cash Net USA only 60% of what I owe, but yet I am still having to pay the rest to Assurance, LLC. I understand these programs are not free and there will always be a fee owed to them, but according to the account that I have set up through them they have only paid $30 to Cash Net USA and so that makes me feel that they are waiting until they get my money, but then after that they are going to start settling my debt. I did the math and the 40% will come up to about 525.50 and then they also added in this financial success course that was another $399 that they had already added into my 158.80 agreement, but they did tell me that I could send it back with a 100% refund. I noticed on the account where they had already gotten $280 for the financial success kit, they also charge an account maintenance fee and a fee for an identity protection service that I wasn”t aware of until I received an email about it. So all in all I am paying them about $1, 000.00 just to help me get out of debt. I could handle the 525.50 because that is reasonable, but $1, 000.00 for things that I don”t want or don”t need? Makes me wonder had I talked to Cash Net USA and told them my situation would they have understood and worked out something with me themselves? Hopefully they will either refund my money to my back account for the financial success kit when they get it back or they will use the money that they took from that financial success kit to go towards repaying my debt with Cash Net USA. We shall see. Also if you are looking at this as a review for any payday loan or payday loan debt assistance program, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GET A PAYDAY LOAN! I DON”T CARE HOW STRAPPED FOR CASH YOU ARE THERE ARE OTHER MEANS IN GETTING MONEY!!! Just ask for an advance on your check from your employer, it would be much easier than dealing with this. I wish someone would have told me that before I did this, but trust me I will never ever be getting a payday loan ever again!

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