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Published: 01 July 2019

Posted by: achiles91910

Do NOT order from this company. I ordered a motherboard from them on August 12, 2010, they sent me an obviously damaged motherboard. I returned the motherboard and after that I did not get any information as to when I would get a replacement. I asked several times over the course of a month and never got a suitable response. I told them they had my money and also the damaged motherboard and that I would be filing a complaint with my bank and the BBB. The following was their response: Date: [protected]:52:21 Name: RMA Support Staff Message: Hello, We received the unit on the 8th of September. We are inspecting this unit and once we have the report the replacement will be shipped to you. We understand your frustration however we are working as fast as we can. We do not appreciate your threats as well as your false accusations of us stealing your money. Your order was $100.00 we do not need to ruin our repuation over this. We deal with orders in the thousands of dollars each day. We run a professional business and do what we can to help our customers. If you prefer not to wait you may use the store credit instead. But we need to wait for our shipment to arrive before we can send you the unit. Best regards, RMA DEPT PC Planet Systems www.pcplanetsystems.com On September 21 I replied with: Date: [protected]:24:22 Name: xxxxxxxxxxxx Message: Hello, It is now September 20th and I still have not heard from you the status of the replacement for the damaged unit I was sold. I am again asking you to tell me the status of this issue. What I mean by that is: have you inspected it? If you haven’t, when are you going to do so? The damaged motherboard that was sent to me was sent with the cooling rod that traverses the motherboard completely separated from the cooling fins and it was obvious. When do you plan to send me an undamaged motherboard and when can I expect to receive it? That information is vital to me to be able to make decisions regarding my computer and, as I stated earlier, I will be moving soon, so I may have to give you a different address to ship it to, but that is dependent on your answers. I understand that you are “working as as as you can”, but that is meaningless to me since I don’t know how fast your processes are. I also don’t have all the time in the world. I am not making false accusations either, I am stating facts. You do have my money and you do have the damaged motherboard that you sent me and after ordering this motherboard on August 12th, I still do not have anything to show for it. If you were really worried about your reputation, you would give some time to quality control and when that goes awry, answering your client’s requests and have better customer service. I do not wish to use store credit, I need the specific motherboard that your site promised. Again, you state that you need to wait for your shipment to arrive before you can send me the unit. When will that be? I need specific dates and if you are a professional business, you should know that; “soon” is not an acceptable answer. I am willing to work with you here, but my patience is running out. It is interesting to note that to get some type of response from you, I had to resort to letting you know that I will contact the BBB and the federal trade commission in addition to talking to my bank to recover my money. That was not a threat either, I will do that if you are unwilling to provide suitable responses to my reasonable requests. I do hope that this can be resolved quickly and profitably for both of us. I finally filed complaints with the BBB and my bank. I’ll follow with the FTC and the California AG if I don’t get my money back or an undamaged motherboard.

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