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I had headaches and sore gums for a month after the bad treatment!

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Wesley

It was my first time at a dentist in a foreign country and I didn’t know what to expect from a local dentist.

The new place has different methods and dentists aren’t as advanced in small communities as they are in western countries. I had a problem with a top tooth, and I had to visit a dentist before it got too painful. To my knowledge, the tooth needed a filling to stop pain during meals.

I made an appointment and got there on time. The entrance to the dentist’s room looked dull and it was quiet. There were no patients to be seen and I thought it was a bit strange. Nevertheless, I went in with a friend to feel secure and brave at the dentist rooms.

The dentist at the Peach Tree Dental clinic didn’t look the professional type and gazed at me as I entered the room. I sat on this highchair and explained what the problem was with my upper tooth. The dentist was alone I expected an assistant, but he seemed fine working alone. There is no warmth received from staff members to patients at this practice.

He examined my gums, and my teeth and continued to look at my teeth and saw the problem that needed to be fixed. The Peach Tree Dentist agreed I need a filling to save my tooth. I wondered how he would go about fixing my tooth alone. A dentist needs an assistant and this dentist didn’t have one.

Nonetheless, I hoped for better results. The less confident dentist injected the gum to avoid pain and drilled into my tooth and tried to do a filling. The pain was terrible, and I felt immediately the filling wasn’t secure into my tooth. I was not pleased with his dental care. I had a good tooth it needed some filling to be saved and there was no pain.

The Peach Tree Dentist didn’t show me any dentist skills. I had to put up with his poor quality of work to go on each day with more pain and a damaged tooth. I was told to not drink any form of liquid for a few hours. The next day a part of the tooth filling fell out. Disappointed about how I am about to lose my good tooth I did not go back to visit the Peach Tree Dentist The drilling in my tooth caused a great amount of damage. The Peach Tree Dentist left me with a damaged tooth for a few years before I had it fixed by a professional dentist. I don’t recommend the Peach Tree Dent from my bad experience.

I don’t recommend the Peach Tree Dentist to anyone for the lack of skill in saving my tooth. The poor quality of material used in the filling destroyed my good tooth and the drilling caused more pain.

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