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They tend to ignore the patient to pay attention to other random conversations.

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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

At the Pediatric Dental Health Associates, the people have lost their touch with patients. I needed a cavity cleaning, and for the first time, I visited Pediatric Dental Health Associates. I had confirmed the appointment and looked forward to the dentist experience. I got there on time and had to wait in line for my turn.

I walked into the dentist room and expected an assistant to be present. No assistant was present and I felt a bit nervous. The dentist cleaned off cavities and examined for oral dental care as a regular examination. My gums and teeth sore from the cleaning and drilling into side spots of my teeth. A painful and annoying pain started in my gums and then into my jaws.

The drilling in my teeth started the pain and it worsened. The dentist did not prescribe any pain reliever and I couldn’t ask for it from the pain I had. I got home and the pain wouldn’t go away. The staff members were not helpful to assist in dental care. The unpleasant experience with the staff made everything feel bad for me. I was not relaxed and calm for the cleaning procedure. No one came to my attention.

Pediatric Dental Health Associates are no experts in what they do. They are not child-friendly and don’t care for patients. I was not satisfied with my dental treatment. The practice has unqualified staff and an unfriendly hygienist.

The offices are in poor conditions and facilities out of order. I was disappointed in the staff for being unfriendly and not willing to assist the dentist in the cleaning of my teeth.

The slow and unprofessional dental work is painful and of no quality. I am not impressed by the lack of care from staff members. An update of utensils is needed for the practice.

I was seen by the dentist on time. The procedure in cleaning cavities is a tough one. It is visible to the dentist and I didn’t think it would be a problem to get right down to it.

The first visit I had to Pediatric Dental Health Associates, had got ruined by the dentist himself. I am not afraid to visit a dentist, just not the one who is not a professional like Pediatric Dental Health Associates, and staff members are not alert at the dental practice.

Patient care is important as customer’s services are but at the dentist rooms, staff member fails to comply with what is important. I will not recommend Pediatric Dental Health Associates to any person in need of dental treatment. My bad experience shouldn’t affect other dental patients. I am anxious at my new dentist because of not knowing what to expect from the easy tooth cleaning procedure. A new experience for me at Pediatric Dental Health Associates and the dentist made a simple tooth cleaning into a painful procedure. At times I feel less secure in dentist rooms since my bad experience at Pediatric Dental Health Associates.

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