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Published: 07 October 2019

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On July 18th I contacted Perfume Warehouse Ltd. through a site called Alibaba which is a Global Trading Site. Perfume Warehouse Ltd. profile on the site claims to be a Buying Office, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler for the following products: Perfume, Cosmetic, Skincare, Haircare, and Nailcare. The company claims to do US$1 Million – US$2.5 Million in annual sales, however you can obtain the real facts here on webCHeck. When I contacted Perfume Warehouse Ltd. back in July I sent over a request to purchase 30 pieces of fragrance. At the time the person of contact was Kelvin Moore (Sales Manager) who sent me over a product list with prices. I replied back and thank him for the information and asked couple questions: Are the products original Will your company drop ship What are your shipping time frames Payment methods Whats the best communication methods Can I mix orders and MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) I then received a reply back from Jerry Glen who claims to be the companies financial accountant according to his signature, however you can find out the list of there company’s manager members here at WebCHeck. So when Jerry Glen replied back to the above questions I found it quit interesting because you’ll see later on in this compliant he goes against everything he states. Here is what he said. We sell original products 100% Authentic Factory sealed. We are very busy,so some times we don`t chat. i will let you know when i`m free to chat We can ship mixed product up to 30pcs. Our Trading Terms are as follows: All complaint will be acknowledged within 7 working days, although we try to acknowledge all complaint immediately. The customer be informed of all progress. We make shipment via Fed EX courier service and FEd EX deliver at your doorstep within 10-12days. Note that immediately shipment is made,we give you tracking number from FEd EX couier service for you to monitor your package till delivery. Payment is via Bank TT and Western union depending on your order. We always give our customer Guarantee to pay just 50% deposit before shipment and pay the 50% balance after delivery satisfaction. According to the Data Protection Act 1988 we do not supply any of your details to a third party, unless you have given us permission to do so. Attached is our Money Guarantee Certificate. So I sent over a list of 30 pieces of fragrance to Jerry Glen at Perfume Warehouse Ltd. He replied back with the following information: Total Item====30pieces Total cost=====$606usd 20% discount===$121.20usd Total cost after 20% discount deducted==$484.80usd Shipping Cost $3 usd Per Piece. 30 pieces will cost $90 usd (Shipping) Total cost including shipping FEE after 20% deduction===$574.80usd (351pounds) 50% part-payment=====$287.40usd (175pounds) 50% Balance after delivery=== $287.40usd (175pounds) Western Union Payment Details: Receivers Name: Jerry Glen Address:4A oak road,Ealing Broadway City:London Zip code:SW19 1SB Country:United Kingdom. I then proceed to make payment arrangements here in the United States to dropship the products to my wife in Brazil, however the payment didn’t go through via Western Union do to there 3rd party verification system. I notified Jerry Glen; if I could use one of his other payment methods mentioned above (wire). So Jerry Glen replied back with the following information: You will have to send the fund to our financial controller`s bank account. The account details will be forwarded to you soonest. HERE IS THE BANK DETAILS FOR YOU TO MAKE THE DEPOSIT Bank Name: MAYBANK Account Name: KAMARIAH BINTI ZAKARIAH Account Number: 114245175548 Address: 10, Ground Floor, Plaza Pekeliling, 2, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Swift code: MBBEMYKL As soon as you make the transfer, scan and forward to us the payment slip for confirmation. Once our financial controller Kamariah Binti Zakariah confirms your payment,we proceed with shipment. Kindly forward to us too your delivery address. I await your scanned payment slip. So here’s proof of payment: (remember 50% part payment $287.40 balance due after delivery) After sending Jerry Glen at Perfume Warehouse Ltd. proof of payment above; he confirmed with me that the board had giving him permission to process the order and he would make shipping arragments via FedEx as mentioned aboved. This would turn into a nightmare; as this scam artist per paired to go against everything mentioned above. I then received the following email from Jerry Glen at Perfume Warehouse Ltd. on August 10th (Keep in mind this is 1 day after confirming my payment above on Aug 9th) Hello, The item will be shipped out as soon as your payment is confirmed. (wait a minute I thought payment was already confirmed? liar…..) We can drop ship as the address you gave us. But when we took your package to Fed Ex this morning to book your package, the customs in my country advised that you have to pay 8 dollars each,this will cover both Tax and Customs so that your package will not be disturbed till delivery. (I’m thinking you told me $3 per $8 dollars? Nothing changed! so when did FedEx start charging a Tax & Customs to NOT Disturbed a package? lol) Note that when this fees is paid,customers tag and custom documents will be attached to your package,this will enable no customs to chargeany fee till delivery. I await your quick response,so that we can handle this now and when shipment is made,your package will not have any problem. So I replied back: Jerry it’s a problem for me to pay any addional fees for a couple reasons. These items are for my wife in Brazil so I will have to pay the duty taxes when they arrive. The fee to send the money is high via WU or wire transfer. You quoted me price for items and shipping and appears that you made a mistake and want me to pay for it now. Your asking me to pay an addional $240 US dollars? It’s not worth it to me! If you can’t resovle then I would ask that you refund my money and I will find another supplier!

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