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Published: 07 January 2020

Posted by: serge bittar

I drove my father 3 hours from Clearwater, Florida to Naples, Florida to meet with Dr. Perlmutter about my fathers diagnosed “MSA” (Multi System Atrophe”), a Parkinsonism Disease. We explained my fathers diagnosis and he reviewed his current vitamin and medication schedule. Things seemed normal at the time and Dr. Perlmutter insisted that he could help with a single injection of “Glutathione “. He then went on to have my father sign a video release of before and after footage he took of my father. After the injection I could not believe my eyes, the transformation I saw was a miracle. My father was walking almost completely normal and his facial expression was relaxed and it was incredible. We were both smiling and giggling like little children and this was a great day with renewed hope for all of us. Our expectations were high when we received our first shipment from Dr. Perlmutter”s medication source and initiated the first injection. We desperately wanted to see the same results experienced in Dr. Perlmutter”s office but instead were very disappointed. We called the Dr. Permutter”s office and were told to finish the whole month of injections prior to coming up with any “early” conclusions.. We finished the first month of treatment and were not able to reproduce the same results we saw on that first visit at Dr. Perlmutters office. In fact we saw no changes at all and informed Dr. Perlmutter of this result where he responded with and I quote “Then stop taking it”. This was frustrating because the results we got at his office was remarkable and we just wanted it again. We did some more research and discovered that “Glutathione” loses it”s effectiveness after being exposed to room temperature for more than six hours. We called Dr. Perlmutters office and shared our discovery with them and they re-issued another batch of “Glutathione”. When we received the new shipment we quickly checked to see if the “Glutathione” was packed correctly or not and found that the ice pack in the shipping box was melted and the temperature of the “Glutathione” bottle was already at room temperature, but we were not sure if it had exceeded the allowable six hours or not. We called Dr. Perlmutters office and were told to try it anyway. We finished out the whole month as originally instructed and once again there was no “Miracle Day” like we experienced that first time at Dr. Perlmutter”s office in Naples, FL. Over two months had passed since our first visit and we were very frustrated and faced with trying again or giving up. I called Dr. Perlmutter”s office myself this time and left a message for Dr. Perlmutter to call me back personally. The next day he did call me back and we discussed my concerns regarding the lack of a viable protocol ensuring the preservation of the “Glutathione”. Dr. Permutter simply responded with and I quote “Shipping Is Not My Responsibility”. I then went on to try and clarify the fact that if the preservation of the “Glutathione” was integral in successfully administering his recommended treatment, shouldn”t there be a shipping protocol that ensures it ships correctly ?, or at least a test that the patients could make to see if it”s usable ?. After some further discussion I then suggested that my father and I just make the three hour trip to his office in the future to hopefully duplicate the same great results we got there the first time around and Dr. Perlmutter then responded with and I quote “He May Not Get The Same Results As The First Time”. I was very surprised by his response and began to feel like we had been misled or maybe even completely lied to. Why should any treatment for any illness be so mysterious and why wouldn”t a doctor who used this treatment go out of his way to ensure that shipments of his so called “Magic Drug” have a protocol in place that responsibly ensured the proper facilitation of it. There are too many holes with “Glutathione Therapy” and no accountability or consequences for the people profiting from it. I read Dr. Perlmutter”s book “The Better Brain Book” where he claims that there are over 1, 000 other doctors using Glutathione Therapy on Parkinson”s Patients and a phone number that can be called to verify his claim, but when I called the phone number it was disconnected. Please think carefully before being possibly tricked into using this therapy. Why has the American Medical Association rejected the approval of this treatment that has been around for over ten years ? Why are there no other publicized doctors that can be reached for comment or better yet found for verification. Why does Dr. Perlmutter own or is affiliated with so many websites that claim to be authorities on Glutathione Therapy For Parkinson”s Patients. Dr. Perlmutter has created an infrastructure around him that misleads the public into thinking he is a world renowned, revolutionary or in his own words from his self fabricated website a “Renegade Doctor”. Who is this man ? Why has he gone unchecked in the medical community ? I am personally aiming to expose his what I call “Witchcraft” practice related to “Alternative Treatments” for Parkinson Disease Pateints. Please visit for more information on the matter.

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