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Published: 26 February 2018

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When applying for jobs online, I always make sure that I do a little research into a company before showing up to the interview. In the case of Perspective Advertising, my search didn’t turn up any results, like a report on this website–which would have saved me a few hours, driving back and forth across town. As I’ve spent quite a bit of time job hunting over the past few years, I’ve gotten pretty good at spotting these sorts of offers when they call and pitch it to me. Unfortunately, the young and bubbly recruiter that I talked to suckered me in for the bait and switch with this one. She had led me to believe that the position I was interviewing for would be for one of two positions based on my experience. She then described a Marketing/PR position and a Sales Manager. She said that I was much more qualified for any of their sales positions and would be a much better fit in one of the other two roles. I scheduled the interview for a couple days later and this morning when I showed up to the interview, I realized I’d been duped by another Cydcor company. (Look them up if you more details on their model.) The minute I pulled in, I realized immediately what I was in for. First off, I drove right past because my map showed the building as being slightly further down and I didn’t see any signage out front. After looking at the address, I found where I needed to go–which was in the very back of a small industrial space shared with several other businesses. Obviously, none of the earmarks of a successful “Advertising/Marketing Firm” especially one that’s go so many candidates coming to interview, that I pulled in at the same time as two others. When I opened the door to the place, it looked like the white inner door to the shop had been beaten up quite a bit by the previous tenants; which judging by the amount of grease and scuff marks, were probably turning wrenches on something. Inside, it looked just as awful–imagine that someone who had never painted anything before, decided to paint the offices of a machine shop like a freshman girls dorm. The furniture looked like it had been left there, again by the blue collar guys who brought it in back in the 80’s OR trash picked from a dumpster after the last day of an estate sale. I could look past the humble surroundings, if it had been the only red flag–but in addition to all the very young folks filling out forms before the intervie, I noticed that I was substantially older than anyone else in there. If I had just turned 40 or 50 that probably wouldn’t be such a big deal, but it was only a few months ago that I turned 30. Anytime I walk into a situation where I see a bunch of kids “playing business” it’s never a good sign. I can tell you firsthand that at the companies I’ve worked, the speed of the revloving door is inversely proportionate to the number of folks with grey hair working there. (My theory is that the older you get, the less likely you are to put up with the crap that yoinger people don’t know enough to avoid!) The individual who interviewed me wasn’t very professional and obviously hadn’t been on enough interviews to know he came off like an amature. After introducing himself and the guy shadowing him (who kept awkwardly laughing following my responses) I was told that it would be a 5 minute interview, with potential for a follow-up that involved basically spending half a day with a rep, cold calling without getting paid. The guy’s first question was how far I had commuted, which was about an hour–so if there had been any doubt he was wasting my tim, I just confirmed it for him. The second question was whether or not I was looking for full or part time employmen–definitely NOT something I expect to be asked when interviewing for a job that isn’t fast food or retail. He glanced at my resume once, but he spent most of the time focusing on the paper I had filled out so that he could make sure to ask all the canned questions they had him ask everyone. Now, if he would have simply read what I spent years building, rather than the 5 minutes I spent waiting–he wouldn’t have needed to ask most of his questions. As someone with over 7 years working in sales, chances are I’ll be insulted if you ask whether or not I’m familiar with “lead generation” or what “warm leads” are. If you don’t have a ton of experience, want to be in sales and don’t mind running through a meat grinder–get a job downtown at Quicken Loans. You’ll at least be compensated fairly well as they chew you up and spit you out, but the experience there is probably worth more than most college degrees. Hope that this saves someone the time I wish I had back, because companies like Perspective Advertising and Detroit Business Consulting are more of the same Cydcor crap–door to door sales, 100% untiered commission, with promise of opportunities to manage other folks or open your own branch. Multi-level marketing is a scam and should be illega, as it’s a predatory practice that exploits the young, naive and desperat! .

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