Peter Nixon, MD

He doesn’t have any expertise in eye treatments at all!

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Published: 25 June 2019

Posted by: Margarita

Peter Nixon is a major scammer. It’s either that or this guy has become too careless to treat any person. He doesn’t have any idea how much pain and suffering his patients have to go through after he makes some mistake. He couldn’t even diagnose my wife’s retinal detachment properly, which led to her losing sight in one of her eyes. Peter is a monster, he is a vicious criminal who shouldn’t be allowed to run a clinic like this. He shouldn’t be allowed to practice too. Due to his misdiagnosis, my wife has lost sight in one eye. If he hadn’t made that mistake, my wife would still be able to see through that eye. Losing an eye is a major loss and Peter knows that. But when I told him about my wife’s condition, he didn’t have a speck of remorse or guilt. In fact, he was a little glad because he saw business. He told me and my wife to visit his clinic for further treatment. I don’t trust that guy anymore so I won’t be going to his clinic now. I don’t think anyone else should visit his clinic as well.

And it’s not that he made the mistake in one visit. No, we used to visit this guy regularly, both me and my wife. I had found out about Peter just a few months ago, from a friend. By looking at his profile and website, I was pretty sure that he was a reliable doctor. I was wrong. I should’ve done more research on the guy. If I had known that he is a careless jerk then I wouldn’t have taken my wife to this guy’s clinic. My wife had started experiencing a little difficulty in vision. I took her to Peter Nixon, who saw her and told us that it was nothing but the lack of some vitamin. He prescribed her some medicine and told her to get glasses from his clinic. We did but she didn’t see any improvements in her vision. We consulted Peter again and he told us that my wife will need to wait for around a few months because ‘vitamins are slow’ and then he laughed. That freak laughed. He thought it was all a joke. We followed his advice and that was another serious mistake. My wife told me that her vision had become much low and she got scared. I took her to another eye doctor who told us that she had a retinal detachment. But it was too late for her to get treated for the same. She lost vision in one of her eyes because of that condition. Peter is supposed to be the eye expert, right? Then how can he misdiagnose such an important condition? Is he really that careless? I think he is not only careless but ignorant too. He lacks the ability to diagnose any patients. You should avoid visiting this guy’s clinic as well. It’s unsafe.

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