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Published: 23 November 2017

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This report is about Phenobestin (AKA Phenobestin 37.5 mg) and its owner Georgiy Kharchenko. About this product: Phenobestin is nothing but pure caffeine and some Phenylthalamine that consumer can find in any other supplement. The methodology this company, Georgiy Kharchenko in particular, uses is extremely deceptive and fraudulent. The way this website targets consumers is by circumventing Google search engine and by phishing schemens and using key words such as Adipex and Phentermine Alternative in order to impress the buyer that this product is exact alternative to pharmaceutical grade drug. First of all, Georgiy cheats Google search engine and cheats the system into luring clients into buying this fake product. However, people fall on to this scam by believing that they are purchasing a legidimate product and that it is as strong as a real pharmaceutical product. At the same time, it is illegal to promote a weight loss supplement as a pharmaceutical drug! Amazon banned Phenobestin, many merchant processing financial institutions declined services to Georgiy Kharchenko because he uses deceptive methods to sell drug-like product over the counter. Only eBay is the last, or one of the last, platforms still allowing this scam to continue. Second rip off is the Georgiy Kharchenko himself! He created this illusion that this product sells at high price and generates high profit margins which in the end is nothing but empty words! Wholesale buyers, especially new ones, fall on to this by believing that they can purchase a Phenobestin @$15 per unit and turn around and sell it at high price going up-wards @$30-40. In the past this product did sell for $65 per unit, however, greedy personality of Georgiy Kharchenko made one seller fight for a dollar against another reseller and thus creating price war amongs resellers. How did this happen you ask? Well, client A purchase the item @$20 per unit, Georgiy Kharchenko turns around and sells to client B @$17 and tells the client B sell it cheaper and kills the client A! This is so deragatory and against all business ethics and very very criminal! There are many buyers who fell into this scenario. Another point how Georgiy Kharchenko scams buyers, he signed customers purchasing from his website to auto ship without their knowledge and charged individual clients monthly transaction fee and ships them unwanted product. Poeple wind-up not knowing what this is and why it is happening since Georgiy does not disclose terms and conditions clearly enough and trap customers into this scam. Overall, Georgiy Kharchenko is the best talker, and paints the picture of high and celebrity-type if life he lives and money he is making off just 1 SKU that he came up with, and I personally think that he stole this idea from as a low reseller. Ever since the inception of Phenobestin, there was no positive outcome but aggressive selling methods to cheat the system, lie to customers and sell them cheap weight loss caffeinated stimulat that rubs poorly knowledged cosnumers of their hard earned money! Be aware and doubt when you deal with this individual, company and product! .

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