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Published: 21 March 2020

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Salesmen are a crucial part of any organization. Your company won’t get any revenue if your salesmen stop working. Companies recognize their importance so they regularly train their salespeople to keep them up to date with the latest practices. To train their salespeople, they look for sales experts and that’s where things get messy. The market has many people who claim to be sales experts but aren’t. One of those guys is Phil M Jones. He is a sham who is lying to people about his expertise and experience. I don’t believe a word he says after the way he ruined my event. Phil has no idea what professionalism is and I’m certain that I’m not the only distraught client of his. There must be a ton of people who have suffered because of Phil. I don’t want anyone to suffer the way I did. Not only did I get humiliated because of Phil but I also lost a bunch of valuable clients. I’m sharing my experience with Phil Jones here so no one else gets trapped in his scam.

Phil M Jones – Who is he?

Phil is an author and a motivational speaker. According to his website, he is a best selling author and has written the ‘Exactly’ series. Phil used to work as a salesman and has decades of experience in that industry. On his website’s ‘About’ page, you’ll see a long section which is dedicated to praising him. It says Phil entered the industry when he was just 14 years old. When he was 18, a fashion store offered him a job as Sales Manager. He took the job and then worked with several Premier League Football Clubs in getting sponsorships and agreements.

He started keynote speaking and coaching in 2008 and since then, he has given more than 2500 presentations in more than 50 countries. As of now, he lives with his wife and his four daughters in New York City.

If you’d see his experience and credentials, you might think he is some sort of genius. But even after having so much experience and knowledge, he fails to deliver quality service to his clients. He doesn’t give good speeches, he just promotes his books and his company to everyone else. He has written multiple books for his ‘Exactly’ series. They include ‘Exactly What to Say, ‘Exactly Where to Start’, and ‘Exactly How to Sell’. But his books don’t carry a lot of good reviews. Through a motivating story and a lot of promotion, Phil is able to dupe people. He convinces others into thinking he is a great teacher and speaker while he isn’t any of those things. And that’s unfortunate. This is clearly wrong. You can’t claim to be something you aren’t and then make money from it. It’s immoral and unethical. But that doesn’t matter for Phil.

His website is very deceptive and helps him in landing new clients. I had hired this criminal because of his website too. After watching a few videos on his website, and reading his bio, I got convinced that he is a great choice. I didn’t know that I was making a huge mistake. Now, I’m aware that his website is filled with useless banter about his success. There’s no way to verify most of the information shared on his website. And the end goal of his website is to generate as many victims for his scam as possible.

He should be locked up because of his fake advertisements and misleading marketing. Apart from the website, another tool he likes to use for attracting victims is social media.

Phil’s Social Media Presence

Phil M Jones

Phil uses almost all of the popular social media tools. Through these social media tools, he can easily get more customers for his speaking gigs. He also boosts his books’ sales through these platforms. He must have a team of well-versed and experienced professionals to look after his social media presence because all of his profiles have ample followers. His Facebook page is under his name and has more than 21,000 followers.

Phil M Jones

His Twitter page also has more than 25,000 followers. On YouTube, he runs the channel called ‘Phil M Jones’, which has more than 4,000 followers. The large number of followers on these social media platforms helps Phil in attracting new customers with more ease. He obviously doesn’t have to worry much about convincing people of his expertise. That’s because when people see a social media profile with thousands of followers, the profile seems quite trustworthy automatically. And then, he has a greatly optimized and professional-looking website, which further makes his case simple. Either his followers don’t know much about him or they are fake. In either case, it’s wrong for Phil to use these platforms for misleading people. My experience with Phil was really unsatisfactory. He massacred my event and made me realize what a big mistake it was to hire him. I have never regretted any decision this much. After the painful experience I had with Phil, I learnt many lessons. I have major trust issues now with all the service providers I work with. My reputation as an event manager is completely tarnished because of the terrible event. And I lost multiple clients after Phil’s incident. Even my subordinates lost faith in me after all that.

How Phil Turned my Event into a Disaster

I’m an event manager. I was supposed to handle a major corporate event for a company. The client wanted to train their salespeople and I was tasked with finding a great keynote speaker for this purpose. There are tons of influencers in the industry now. Gone are the days when there used to be one or two experts who taught complex subjects like sales to people. These days, you can find a sales expert for speaking gigs for any budget. The industry is literally flooded with people who claim to be experts. But while all of them claim to be experts, only a few of them hold up. Most of them are pretenders and don’t know anything about sales. That’s why finding the right keynote speaker is so difficult. For this event, I was looking for a really skilled and experienced speaker.

When I found out about Phil M Jones, I was really happy. I checked his website, watched some of his content and thought he is a great deal. I didn’t know better. I wasn’t prepared for a scam like his. To be honest, in my few years of working as an event manager, I had never encountered such an unprofessional freak. However, when I was hiring him, I thought he was an awesome sales expert. His credentials and experience convinced me. His staff was very patient and well-behaved, like any staff should be. The only issue was that I had to pay Phil in advance. I was a little worried that if he ruins the event, I would lose the whole deposit. But I trusted that guy. The event was going well until Phil arrived.

When you hire a speaker for a major event, you expect the speaker to know what the event is about and be fully prepared. However, Phil seemed drunk. He was slurring and didn’t know what he was talking most of the time. His staff kept telling me that everything was okay and that I shouldn’t worry about anything at all. They kept assuring me and my colleagues. My colleagues knew something was up and one of them had warned me that I made a huge mistake. I ignored that warning. If I had prevented Phil from giving a speech, my event could have been saved but I didn’t stop him.

Phil was the main highlight of the event. During the beginning of his speech he looked composed but then he started losing his train of thought. Anyone could tell that he was drunk. And you don’t expect a keynote speaker to be drunk on stage. Phil was speaking gibberish most of the time. 15 minutes into his speech and everyone was so uncomfortable that we had to get him off the stage. He even fought with us when we tried to get him off stage. It was so embarrassing that I can’t explain it in words. Everyone was thinking that I had hired some goof to save money and the worst of all was that the client thought we had scammed him. Our client thought we had hired some lunatic and had charged him for a high-quality event. He kept demanding a refund. But we couldn’t issue any refund because that was not possible. We ended up losing the client even after apologizing to him countless times. My boss lost it after Phil’s on-stage fiasco. She kept telling me that I had screwed up. The entire experience was horrible. I get teary eyed just by thinking about it. Regarding Phil, he didn’t even apologize for his unprofessional behaviour. His staff just blamed us for ‘not providing a good stage’. They kept making up different crappy excuses which didn’t make any sense. They didn’t issue any compensation or refund even though it was entirely Phil’s fault. He didn’t even meet with us after all this ordeal. He just left the place as fast he could. He had even misbehaved with one of our female employees when he was backstage. All in all, I have never seen a more unprofessional, depraved and horrible human being in my life. He cost me and my company so much. The event ruined our reputation in the market and it was a huge event, held for an important corporation so most of our efforts for damage control were futile.

My company still hasn’t recovered properly. We are still trying to repair our reputation but the damage is done. IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF PHIL M JONES. His website, his social media accounts, his reviews, none of them gave an indication of this sort.

I had no idea Phil would turn out to be an unprofessional drunkard who can’t even do his job properly. He was supposed to teach people about sales that day. He had taken money for it. We had discussed it too and everything was confirmed. But he ended up speaking nonsense and humiliated us in front of a major client. All I’m saying is that Phil is a SCAMMER. And no one should get in touch with him. If you’re an event manager or are in any way related to one, remember this lesson – DON’T HIRE PHIL FOR SPEAKING.

Others’ Reviews

I wish I had read these reviews before I hired that lunatic. I didn’t pay attention to these reviews back then because I was distracted by the positive ones. Now, I doubt the authenticity of those reviews. The reviews I’m sharing here are of his books. His books aren’t any good just like his speeches. I’m sharing these reviews so you can understand just how useless Phil really is. He is lying about his books and expertise everywhere. It’s time people got to read some truth about his work.

Phil M Jones

One of the reviewers shares his honest opinion on his book called Exactly What to Say. According to him, the book is a short read of only 20 minutes and that alone is a big downer. The book cost him $9 so it’s quite expensive in comparison to the content it provides. Moreover, the book doesn’t share any helpful lessons either. It is just a basic sales book that doesn’t have anything unique or different. The reviewer has shared one piece of advice from the book as an example to show how pathetic it is. According to the reviewer, the book seemed like it was meant for rote scenarios only and had no practical applications whatsoever.

It just goes to show just how terrible Phil’s content is. He isn’t even an expert on sales. He is claiming to be something he is not and that’s why he is a major scammer. He dupes event managers, companies and organizations and makes them believe his white lies. The review I’ve mentioned here isn’t the only negative review about his book. Exactly What To Say has plenty of negative reviews, each one complaining about mediocrity of the book’s content. You might think his other books would have some value but they lack any value as well. People also complain how short his book is and how it wasted their time. So if you were considering buying one of his books, I’d strongly advise against that. There are plenty of other writers who are writing real books which do offer helpful advice and knowledge.


I only wanted to say that Phil is a major threat to our society. I don’t want anyone’s event to get ruined by that drunk lunatic. His incompetence and unprofessionalism are surreal and I’ve suffered the consequences of hiring him. I just wish someone would’ve shared some information of that sort online. If I had known what kind of professional Phil is, I wouldn’t have considered hiring him in the first place. I would’ve ignored him. I hope my review will help you in avoiding this lunatic as well. There are plenty of other sales experts out there. If I were you, I’d stay away from Phil M Jones.


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