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Published: 06 October 2019

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A few years back Philip Cottrell stole money from me through one of his many Scams that he ran in southern Spain, through deperation I started talking to many other people that he had done the same to try and get my money back which was never returned, he is from a privileged background with his mother Amanda Cottrell being the ex High Sherriff of Kent in England and his family having interests in Saccone & Speed in Gibraltar. Philip Cottrell then posted on the internet under different names that I had stolen money and was on the run from the police although I have never had a criminal record or ever been hunted by the police, this has now destroyed my business and i cannot support my family anymore so before i go I would like to remind him that he is remembered and to list a few of the frauds that he carried out destroying peoples lives in the process and also remind his family that they did nothing to stop this. please read below Hi i would like to post my story, I was introduced to a man several years ago by my ex business partner Reg Winter, we had a small Real Estate office in Calahonda, when he opened his office as Forensic Wealth Management we were offered the chance to promote some of his “exclusive” developments one being Dama De Noche, we spent many months promoting this development and had much interest, our first client to buy paid the reservation and obtained his mortgage and then completed and had the keys to his apartment, GREAT!, however it all turned sour, then it came time for us to invoice for our fees owed by Forensic Wealth management, guess what loss of contact then lies started then loss of contact, this went on for months, as a small business trying to survive the lack of cash flow was a sever blow. He was not interested, changed his number and seemed to to vanish!. Then stories started appearing on the internet, involving Range Rovers, Gold Dust, Property, Fine Art. Then several years later he appeared as if by magic, offering an exciting new opportunity to earn money and have our debt repaid by becoming the exclusive agent for a development owned by his family! we met with lawyers, the developer and all seemed ok, so again we started to promote this deal to clients, a number of clients came via a local agent Briteman properties and they paid reservations direct to the promoter a company owned he (now ex) business Partner David Miller, however as time went on nothing seemed to be happening more clients paid reservations but no progress with the deals, he started to get more flakey and clients wanted their money returned, GUESS WHAT again he vanished! leaving myself and Reg Winter with nothing but angry clients. At this point I ceased trading and have been trying to track down this man and have my clients money returned and my own debt paid. I have made contact with many people who also have lost money with him, Range Rover cars, Gold Dust, Property investment. The stress of this has caused myself and many of the poor suckers who dealt with him health problems, marriage problems and now some clients are threatening me physical violence if they are not repaid. I want to post this as a warning to others, do not deal with this man, if you have information on him please post on this and the other sites. For more go to this link He and his family have managed to get a lot of the complaint removed so to get a complete list reply to this email Phillip Cottrell taken 2007 he was born 25TH June 1971

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